5 Custom Soil Blends You Might Need This Year

Aug 8, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Are you looking for the right kind of dirt to fill a new flowerbed or surround a freshly planted tree? Investigate some different custom soil blends, manufactured to suit a variety of gardening and lawn care needs.  

  1. All-Purpose Soil

Sometimes, you just need a good all-around solution to all your soil needs. That’s the all-purpose topsoil, available from Kurtz Bros., This blend is designed for reliable results, whether you’re using it before you install turf or putting it in your planting beds. The dark, rich soil is loose enough to be workable and rich enough to ensure a healthy, strong start for plants.  

  1. Container Mix

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, you may be planning to put many of your herbs, flowers, and other plants in pots or other containers. Kurtz Bros. sells a container mix that facilitates proper drainage and aeration since your plants will be in a more confined growth space. The particular kind of potting mix we offer is a soil-less blend of compost, silica, and pine fines, ideal for commercial locations and useful for the home as well.  

  1. State-Specific Topsoil

Did you know that you can get a state-specific mix of soil? Every area of the country has different types of plant and animal species so the dirt can be quite different, too. A state-specific mix is guaranteed to contain a blend of dirt that came from species that are native to your state. It ensures that no outside influences are introduced into your yard or garden. Our particular State Spec soil is a dark, rich blend with a uniform look that is officially approved by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  

  1. Bed Mix

Office buildings, businesses, apartment complexes, and restaurants typically have to fill large beds with soil as part of their landscaping plan. The bed mix from Kurtz Bros. is ideal for these scenarios, as well as for use in the landscaping of a private home. Created from silica gravel and all-purpose soil, this blend is designed with plenty of nutrients so that you don’t have to fertilize as often.  It also enhances moisture retention yet permits adequate drainage of extra water. If you’re interested in forming raised beds for trees, shrubs, or flowers, this particular blend is perfect for the job.  

  1. Worm Dirt Topsoil

If your lawn or garden needs a little extra love, enhance it with some of Kurtz Bros. ultimate Worm Dirt Topsoil. Earthworms are renowned for their beneficial effects on the soil, aerating it with their tunnels and enriching it with their castings. This type of topsoil is mixed with pure worm castings to ensure a heartier supply of nutrients for vegetable plants, fruit trees, flowers, ornamental trees, or shrubs. If you’re moving plants to new locations, or if you simply want to ensure a better harvest or a more colorful flowerbed, invest in some of this worm dirt. It has additional benefits of promoting stronger, longer roots, resisting compaction, and reducing the likelihood of plant disease.  

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