5 Fall Lawn Care Chores You Can’t Afford to Skip

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As the cooler days move in, you might be tempted to scale back your gardening efforts— and that’s okay. The growing season is drawing to a close, after all. But there are still a few crucial tasks you need to accomplish in order to keep your outdoor space healthy year-round. Discover the 5 fall lawn care chores you can’t afford to skip.  

  1. Raking the Leaves

It’s okay to leave some grass clippings on your lawn after mowing, so you may think that the same rule applies to fallen leaves. Wrong! A carpet of dead and dying leaves can actually kill your grass— and it only takes a week or so for the damage to be done.  

Keep raking those leaves up every couple of days, and either use them for compost or mulch or dispose of them as your city ordinances dictate. Tired of raking? Recruit the kids to help out! 

  1. Getting Rid of the Weeds

Those weeds won’t go dormant at the same time your grass does. In fact, new ones may take advantage of your lawn’s slower growth and take root. Use weed treatment in the fall to control those pesky weeds and keep your lawn healthy.  

  1. Fertilizing the Grass

Spring or fall are the prime times for fertilizing a lawn. If you have cool-season grasses, the best time to do this chore is in autumn. Get the fertilizer in the ground while the air is cooler but the earth is still warm.  

  1. Planting Bulbs

Do you want to have a gorgeous array of crocuses, allium, tulips, daffodils, or snowdrops next spring? The only time to plant these beauties is right now, in the fall.  

Choose the flowers you want, plant the bulbs in groups, and cover them up with a thick layer of mulch to keep pests from chewing on them. You’ll have a lovely display to enjoy in the springtime.  

  1. Mowing the Grass

Keep mowing the grass right up until the ground freezes. If you don’t, the grass will be too long when the snow comes, and it will be prone to snow mold.  

An ideal height for grass during the fall is about 2.5 to 3 inches in length. Cut shorter than that, and you could injure the root system and hamper your grass’s ability to survive the winter.  

For tips on fall lawn care, and for the supplies you need to keep your landscape beautiful year-round, visit Kurtz Bros., online. You can also call us anytime with questions about your yard, your plants, and your outdoor space. Our landscaping experts are always glad to share ideas with you.  


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