5 Must-Have Landscaping Tools for Amateurs & Professionals

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It can be difficult to prioritize what landscaping tools are necessary staples to get your garden in shape. Ideally, you want to choose items that are durable and can take the place of other tools while you build your collection.  Learn what basic tools every gardener and landscaper should have and some bonus investment pieces that can transform your approach to gardening.

Basic Landscaping Tools:

If you are new to gardening and landscaping, these basic tools will help get your garden started. They are either multi-purpose or essential for safety.

A Heavy Set of Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are an item that should be thoughtfully purchased. Your shears should be sharp, and durable. It should comprise of high-quality materials that can be maintained. The quality is important because shears are integral for several garden tasks including pruning, taking cuttings, cutting back dead branches, shaping plants, and even wedging out weeds. When choosing your shears, you should ensure that it is comfortable to hold. We recommend going in-store and trying a few out–even more so if you are left-handed. 

Garden Gloves

On the other hand, garden gloves degrade rapidly regardless of cost. That is why we recommend purchasing a pack of gloves so you can have a fresh pair when needed. Although most gardeners enjoy feeling the first under their fingernails, garden gloves are essential to protect your hands from an assortment of hazards. Gloves protect from pests such as spiders, tetanus, skin irritation from poisonous plants, and an array of soil-based bacteria. When purchasing gloves, make sure they are not too bulky and that they fit correctly to avoid blisters. An added tip to keep your skin safe is to use a long sleeve especially when handling rose bushes and bougainvillea. 

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A good-quality shovel is an excellent initial investment because it can be used in place of a hand trowel in a pinch. Besides its common use for digging, shovels can also remove weeds. Shovels have an array of different points, but the most important thing to consider is the size and weight. Make sure the shovel is not too heavy or long. Additionally, it should be in proportion to your strength and height. To extend its life, keep your shovel clean, dry, and away from direct sunlight.

Bonus Landscaping Tool: 

Besides the basics, employing some of these nontraditional basics in your gardening kit can truly alter your approach for the better. They will save you time in the long run and keep your space clean.

Landscape Fabric

By employing landscape fabric in your lawn, you will also be saving extra in the future. By adding this layer beneath mulch, pavers, or any project, you will curtail weeds even further. One roll can last quite a while when completing small projects. Moreover, landscape fabric can also assist with soil erosion and can be a worthwhile investment that every gardener should have in their shed.


Tarps are often an item that we don’t realize we need until we need them. Like many of the tools listed above, it is also multipurpose. You can use tarps to line your patio or deck when handling soil while repotting plants to make clean-up a breeze. Moreover, tarps are a useful tool to fasten over plants to protect them from excessive wind or sun. Similarily, you can use a tarp to also protect freshly laid hardscape from the rain. A high-quality tarp can last you a lifetime by simply keeping it clean and storing it when it is no longer in use.

Visit Kurtz Bros., 

Kurtz Bros., has all the gardening and landscaping tools you need in-store and online. We have been a pioneer in caring for Ohio’s environment and natural resources since 1948. We offer quality landscape materials, and more to landscape professionals and home owners. Let us assist you in choosing your tools to better suit your projects. Contact us to learn more!

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