5 Places to Use Your Compost

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Expert gardeners and landscapers sometimes refer to compost as “black gold.” It’s such a nutrient-rich substance that  can rejuvenate or improve the growth of almost any plant, including your grass, vegetables, herbs, trees, and more. If you have a compost pile, or if you’d like to start one, discover several ways to use it.

  1. In Your Flowerbeds and Plant Beds

Compost is the perfect amendment to difficult soil. If you’ve got beds of soil with too much clay, too much sand, or the wrong pH balance, consider adding some of your compost pile to remedy the problem. It might take you a while to generate enough to treat all your flowerbeds, but you can always supplement your own compost with compost from Kurtz Bros 

To apply it as a soil amendment for a flowerbed, you’ll need to dig a couple of inches down into the soil and put the compost in the hole. You can mix it around with the rest of the dirt to ensure maximum effect.  

  1. As Compost Tea

Even if you don’t treat the soil invasively before planting time, you can still give your ornamental plants the benefit of those extra nutrients. Most every organic, homemade compost pile naturally produces some liquid. You can also encourage production of this “compost tea” by scooping some compost into a big bucket. Add a bit of water and let it all sit for a few days. Then, you can pour the composted material tea over flowers and plants that are already growing in your yard.  

  1. To Enrich Your Lawn

It’s not a good idea to go all over your yard digging holes and mixing compost with dirt; you’ll tear up your grass and ruin the look of your lawn. Instead, lightly sprinkled the compost over the lawn and rake it through the grass gently. Then water it in so it filters down to the soil. It may take a few weeks for all the compost to sift down; but once it does, it will naturally enhance your yard’s soil and yield a healthier crop of grass. Landscapers call this a “top dressing,” and it’s best applied in early spring. If you do a couple of inches of top dressing, use less fertilizer for your lawn this year.  

  1. In Your Vegetable Garden

Add compost to the soil of your garden beds a couple of weeks before planting time. Work it into the soil with a small rake and water it down as well. For a garden that already has great soil, 1-3 inches are sufficient. For a garden with poor soil, try 4-6 inches instead.  

  1. As Mulch for Trees and Shrubs

Want to keep your shrubs, hedges, bushes, and trees healthy? Use compost as mulch around their trunks and stems. Spread a 2-3 inches of compost on the surface of the existing soil, and it will hold in moisture, enrich the soil, and discourage pests as well.  

Ready-Made Compost from Kurtz Bros., 

Are you too busy to maintain your own compost pile? You can order compost straight from Kurtz Bros., We have a few different types of compost available, including our soil-less container mix, ideal for commercial growers. We also supply a rich organic blend of yard waste compost and leaf compost, perfect for improving clay soil or for keeping your ornamental plants healthy. Our top-of-the-line compost is the Sweet Peet mix, a premium combination of compost and mulch for vegetable or flower gardens. Contact Kurtz Bros. today to order some “black gold” for your lawn and garden! 

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