6+ Places to Hang Your Holiday Lights

Dec 21, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

The most obvious and easiest way to decorate with holiday lights is to simply buy the nets of lights and drape them over the bushes or hedges in your front yard. But what if you don’t have any bushes? Check out these interesting places to hang your holiday lights.  

  1. Deck the Trees

Small trees look lovely with holiday lights artfully draped across their boughs. If your trees are tall, with few lower branches, you can wind lights around the trunks instead. Use red and white lights in alternating patterns, go monochromatic, or spice things up with some multicolored lights.  

  1. Line the Driveway

Drive small spikes into the ground right next to the driveway, all along the length of it on either side. Clip a string of lights to the stakes so that you have a beautifully lit driveway. If you have snow, make sure that the lights are high enough to be seen above the drifts. Also, make sure that the strings of lights do not cross any pathways— you wouldn’t want your holiday guests to trip over them.  

  1. Cover the Planters

Do you have some large urns, flowerpots, or planters around the yard? Those items can take on a festive layer of lights when you don’t have any bushes to adorn.  

  1. Wrap Posts and Pillars

Columns, pillars, or posts, are the perfect canvas for decorating with holiday lights. Consider using lighted garland for an even bigger visual impact. The railing of a porch or deck is easy to wrap with twinkle lights as well.  

  1. Illuminate the House

Your house is another excellent spot to put up Christmas lights. You can line the windows and doors with lights, or get up on a ladder and clip lights to the eaves. If you’re really ambitious and you take safety precautions, you may even be able to wrap lights around your chimney.  

  1. Surprise the Eyes

Do you have a play set in the backyard for your children? If they don’t use it during the winter, you could line it with lights. A porch swing, the mailbox, your shed, or the doghouse are all potential spots where you can add extra holiday cheer. Some people even light up their cars, their downspouts, their fences, and their garage doors. Your imagination is the only limit! Just be sure to think through your plan and follow safety precautions for correct holiday light installation and operation.  

We wish you happy holidays from everyone here at Kurtz Bros.,! 

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