7 Key Points of Interest for Your Front Lawn

Feb 6, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Are you eager to boost your home’s curb appeal this year? Do you want people passing by to think, “Wow, that’s a nice-looking home?” To achieve that impression, your front yard needs at least one focal point—usually the front door—as well as some other items of visual interest. Explore these 7 key points of interest for your front lawn and decide which ones would work best for your own landscape.

  1. A Pathway

The pathway from the driveway or street to the front of your home is vital to the overall look of your house. Sometimes, a plain concrete walkway is all that’s needed, but consider alternative such as a cobblestone path, a path of flat paving stones, a colorfully pebbled walkway, or a brick path with an eye-catching design. You can even make paths with treated pallet wood, geometric pavers, wood slices, or stamped concrete.

  1. Ground Cover

Ground cover refers to plants or flowers that grow low to the soil and spread out wide, carpeting the flowerbed in which they are placed. These dense, low plants add beauty and uniformity without requiring much maintenance or time commitment on your part.

  1. Beautiful Florals

Try to provide a seasonal balance among the plants you select for your flowerbeds. The goal is to have something gorgeous in bloom during nearly every season of the year. Some rich natural color does wonders as a point of interest in your front lawn.

  1. Lighting

Remember, people are going to see your home at night as well as during the day. Careful, conscious lighting choices can give your home a little extra flair and beauty during the evening hours. Choose torch-like lights for a medieval flair, lanterns for a rustic look, elegant lampposts as a tribute to a bygone era, or modern, bright geometric lights for a crisp aesthetic.

  1. Trees

Trees can be a selling point for a home, as long as they are placed correctly and kept healthy. Don’t place trees too close to your home, or their roots could cause issues as they grow larger. However, do select trees with a beautiful shape and great potential for shade. Flowering trees are especially lovely in a front yard.

  1. Driveway Border

Adding a border to a driveway gives it an immediate facelift. You could try lining yours with cement pavers or Belgian block for a superior, eye-catching look. If your driveway is looking shabby, invest in having it surfaced and sealed, both for function and appearance.

  1. Shrubs and Bushes

Add clusters of shrubs, bushes, or large leafy plants along the foundation of your home, set about two feet away from the exterior walls. Don’t overcrowd the area, and be sure to choose visually attractive, low-maintenance types. Vary the heights and kinds of plant life in the front beds to create a balanced, beautiful look.

For advice on creating a beautiful front landscape, or for the tools, soil, and supplies you need, visit the Kurtz Bros. website or call us anytime. Our landscaping experts are always happy to provide timely suggestions about flowerbeds, pathways, and other front lawn features.

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