7 Signs Your Yard Has Poor Drainage

Jan 14, 2021 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Many homeowners eventually discover that their outdoor space isn’t well-designed to handle incoming rainwater. This can be especially problematic in areas of the country that receive heavy, hard bursts of rain or days of slow, constant rain. The quick rain bursts can cause erosion or flooding in poorly planned yards, while the days of ongoing rain can saturate the ground and cause lakes of standing water. If you think your property might have a water management issue, keep an eye out for these 7 signs your yard has poor drainage.

  1. A Pool in the Yard

Perhaps the most obvious sign of poor drainage is the presence of pooled water on your grass. You’ll notice these pools in depressed areas, where the ground sinks lower and there’s nowhere for the water to flow.

  1. Leaks in the Basement

Pooled water in the yard can unfortunately lead to water collecting against your home’s foundation and walls, which often results in leaks. If you’re seeing puddles in the basement after rain, that’s a sign that your outdoor space isn’t handling incoming rainfall very well.

  1. Rotting Wood

Wooden structures do tend to decay over time, but if you’re noticing significant decay and rot around the base of a garage, shed, deck, or other structure, it could be a result of poor drainage in the yard. Water may be puddling around these structures, causing overlong exposure to moisture and slowly destroying the wood.

  1. Soggy Soil

Even if you’re not seeing huge pools or puddles, you may notice that your grass and earth remains squishy and soggy longer than it should after a rain shower. While it’s good for the soil to retain some moisture, an overly soggy environment can promote mildew, mold, root rot, and disease for your grass and plants.

  1. Unpleasant Smells

As a result of the soggy soil, pooled water, or basement leaks, you may begin to notice unpleasant odors around your property. Mildew and mold can spring up almost immediately when given a stagnant water source. Anaerobic bacteria will thrive, causing that unpleasant sourness you smell when you step outside. The stink may be compounded by the odor of rotting wood or dying plants.

  1. Dead Patches of Grass

When grass is overwatered, it tends to die. Too much moisture isn’t good for plants; it can cause mold and mildew or drown them outright. So if you’re seeing patches of dead grass in your yard, check the soil to see if it’s remaining wet long after a rain shower.

  1. Foundation Cracks

Your home’s foundation can develop cracks for a number of reasons, and one of those can be the consistent presence of water. Small cracks are usually the result of normal settling, while larger cracks that continue to worsen are a very bad signal that something substantial is wrong. It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible, or you could find yourself facing a very costly foundation repair.

Kurtz Bros., can provide you with stormwater management solutions. Our experts will work with you so that rainwater isn’t wasted but is safely rerouted and drained to keep your yard in optimal health and protect the structural integrity of your home. Visit our website for more information and contact us about your yard’s drainage needs.

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