Best Florals that Bloom in May

May 7, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

According to the old adage, April showers bring May flowers. But let’s get real—those May flowers are not going to show up unless you plant them. Check out our list of the best florals that bloom in May, so you can plan ahead and get those beauties installed in your outdoor space.

Variations in May Blooming Times

First of all, the blooming season for flowers differs depends on where you live. And it can also be affected by the health of your plants or the amount of rainfall or sunshine your area has experienced during a particular year. Even the quality of the soil matters. Our list is comprised of lovely florals that can usually be expected to bloom in May under normal or optimal conditions, but you may find that blooming seasons vary depending on your climate zone, garden status, and yearly forecast.


With their lush, multi-petaled blooms, peonies are well-known favorites among gardeners. They’re extremely popular for weddings. Plus, they come in a broad array of lovely hues, from pink to white to purple.


The iris blooms in the spring, usually around late April or May. It’s a tall, elegant flower with a unique color (usually ranging from blue to purple) that is refreshing to the eye. Bearded irises are especially popular. There are some kinds of bearded iris that will actually bloom twice per year if given the right conditions.


Colorful and delicate, with a lily-like shape, the alstroemeria  is also called a Peruvian lily. This South American flower blooms in late spring or early summer, and many may keep flowering throughout the summer. The gorgeous blooms often cluster together, and once cut, they can last for up to two weeks. They are favorites for gardens as well as for bouquets, and they are hardy plants that don’t need much care as long as their soil is well drained and they have a moderate amount of water (1-2 inches per week).

Bleeding Heart

If you’re looking for something unique and delicate to grace your garden, the bleeding heart flower could be just the thing. This plant is fairly sturdy, growing  two to three feet tall and a couple feet wide; but its blooms are fragile-looking—long rows of small, vivid pink flowers shaped like hearts. You don’t have to prune or deadhead these beauties, and they are also self-seeding. While they begin blooming in late April or May, some will bloom throughout the summertime. 

Whether you choose one of these lovely options or others such as the columbine, geranium, hellebore, or lilac, you can find all the fertilizer, soil, and trimming tools you need online at the Kurtz Bros. website. Feel free to contact us anytime with your questions about plant care, fertilization, and landscaping.

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