Celebrating July 4th: High Traffic Grass Options and Tips

Jun 20, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

With July 4th coming up, your lawn may see lots of extra traffic from guests, children, and pets. Perhaps you need some tips for protecting your lawn and repairing damage, or maybe you’re building a new home, and you’d like to start out with hardy, healthy grass so that you can worry less about it in the future. Check out these high traffic grass options for having a lawn that can handle heavy traffic.

Choose the Right Grass

According to the experts, Kentucky bluegrass is one of the top choices when it comes to sturdy grass that thrives in cool weather and handles traffic well. Another winner is perennial rye grass, which feels at home in cool climates or temperature coastal climates. Perennial rye can even handle dog urine and recover swiftly from digging paws.

Turf-style tall fescue is attractive yet tough. During the first year after its installation, it needs a lot of water; but once it is well-established, it can withstand drought, high traffic, and even a lack of nutrients in the soil.

Control Traffic Patterns

If you have children who like to run around in the yard, consider restricting their activity to the backyard, rather than letting them run on the front lawn. That way, you can keep the most visible part of your outdoor space from enduring the extra wear and tear.

You could also mulch part of the backyard and identify it as a play space for kids and pets. Or you could have them play in the front yard for a couple of weeks, then the backyard for a couple weeks so that each section of the lawn gets a chance to recuperate.

If you’re having a lot of guests over to celebrate July 4th, guide traffic away from the grass by placing chairs, food, and drinks on patios, decks, and mulched areas.

Aerate the Lawn

When feet step on grass over and over again, the soil is packed down hard, and the grass’s root systems can be compromised and suffocated. Core aeration re-introduces some air and space back into the soil, allowing grass roots room to breathe, expand, and draw in necessary nutrients.

Core aeration is key to keeping your lawn healthy in spite of high traffic. Aerate once in the spring and again in the fall, and add fertilizer a few times each year to give the grass extra nutrients and vitality.

Call Kurtz Bros. anytime you need grass seed, fertilizer, or lawn repair services. Our experts will be happy to share their experience and advice with you, and we’ll provide you with the supplies and tools you need to minimize damage to your yard and support the health of your grass.

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