Common Gardening Mistakes and Solutions

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Although gardening can often seem like a simple task, it actually takes a lot of time, practice, and planning for your garden to thrive. And it also often takes a lot of mistakes. Fortunately, your garden evolves with every season and there are plenty of opportunities to learn and improve. Learn about the most common gardening mistakes we see and their simple solutions. 

The Most Common Gardening Mistake is Not Using Enough Mulch

We have all been there. In an effort to reduce weeds in our garden, we lay a shallow layer of mulch on the soil only to find weeds sprouting there once again. To curtail this issue, you need to properly layer mulch. First, you should clear the soil of any existing weeds by handpicking them. Be sure to remove the entire weed including its roots. Another option is to lay wet cardboard on the soil for a few days to stifle the weeds. Once the soil is clear of weeds, you should add a weed barrier and then layer your mulch appropriately. We recommend 3 inches of mulch to reduce weeds and conserve moisture. 

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Planting in the Wrong Season or Zone

Another common issue is trying to establish plants in your garden during the wrong season or in the wrong zone. Make sure to research the plant properly before purchasing to understand what season it grows well in and if it is perennial or annual. Moreover, you should familiarize yourself with what zone you live in. Your zone will help you understand what plants grow well in your area. For example, tropicals will only do well in zones 8-10. By properly researching these details, you can ensure that you are working with your season and zone for your garden will thrive.

Not Enriching Your Soil

In order to have a healthy garden, you need to have healthy soil. This is especially true for vegetable gardens or flowering plants. We often overlook enriching the natural soil already existing in your yard or enhancing store-bought topsoil. You can create a nutrient-rich soil with a diverse microbiome by adding one or more of the following organic materials:

Another Gardening Mistake is Overwatering or Underwatering

This one is tricky because the signs of overwatering and underwatering are very similar. It includes yellowing leaves, drooping leaves, and delayed growth. If your garden is experiencing these issues, take note of what plants are experiencing these issues, what your watering habits are, and what your current climate is like. You should also check if the plant has any pest or disease since it could also cause wilting.

When watering, be sure to water in the morning to avoid overwatering your plants. Watering in the evening can be the source of the issue since water doesn’t evaporate efficiently at night. You can also purchase a humidity meter to gauge the level of humidity in your soil and act accordingly. 

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