Comprehensive Guide for New Home Owner Maintenance

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Purchasing your first home is exciting, but a lot of responsibility comes with it. Whether you lived at home or in an apartment complex before making the leap into home ownership, chances are that you didn’t have to worry much, if any, about maintaining your outdoor space and yard. When you own your own home, you’re going to need to upkeep your lawn, landscaping beds, and yard in general. Thankfully, investing in some lawn supplies and tools can make your life easier. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of essential yard supplies and tools for home maintenance.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

When you move into your new home, the first thing you are going to notice is that the beautifully manicured landscaping beds that existed during the open house have been completely overtaken by weeds. Once the home sold, the original homeowners lost interest in keeping up the appearance, which means you have a tough test to tackle.

The first thing you need to do is to weed the beds. You will need a good pair of gardening gloves and for larger weeds, you might also want to pick up a spade to break up the roots. Once the weeds are pulled, you will need to trim back bushes, hedges, and trees with Bypass Pruners or Loppers.

After you’ve tamed the weeds and bushes, you will need to mix some fertilizer and weed control into the soil with a bow rake. This will encourage plants, flowers and shrubs to grow while suppressing weeds.

Then, you will need to spread mulchMulch has numerous benefits, including retaining moisture in the soil, keeping weeds at bay, and making the beds look more attractive. It comes in a variety of colors, so choose one that meets your preferences. For new landscape beds, 4 inches of mulch is recommended, but for a top dressing of existing mulch, 1 inch will suffice.  There’s also a specific Playground Mulch if you need to add another layer to an existing playground area as well.

Lawn Maintenance

Something else that all new homeowners need to keep in mind for home maintenance is the upkeep of your yard. Even small yards need to be maintained and Kurtz Bros., can help ensure that you have everything you need for lawn care.

If there are patches of lawn that are barren, you will need to pick up grass seed and soil. There are many different types of grass seed available, so contact the experts to get some assistance on the best type of grass for your yard. Picking up EZ Straw Repair Mix can make a patch job even easier because everything you need is included.

In order to keep your yard well maintained you will also want to look into fertilizer, herbicides and weed control. Again, there are a variety of options to consider and the best type for you depends on the type of grass in your yard, the sun to shade mixture, and whether or not you have children or pets, among other things.

New homeowners might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of all these different products, but TurfCare makes an easy four step fertilizer system to keep your lawn well maintained year round without much hassle.

Fall Cleanup

During the fall months, you cannot simply ignore the falling leaves that settle in your yard and vow to clean them up next year. In fact, doing so can not only lead to a messy, frustrating cleanup in the spring, it can ruin your lawn permanently. In order to maintain your yard during the fall, you need to be sure to rake up any and all leaves.

To do that, you will need a Poly Lawn Rake. This lightweight rake allows you to cover a lot of ground and is actually lighter than the steel alternative so you won’t feel as fatigued while raking. Plus, it comes in a bright orange color so you won’t lose it in the yard and have it get buried under feet of snow for the winter.

You might also want to pick up some paper yard bags to gather up the leaves. Regulations on yard waste disposal vary by town, so be sure to check into your town’s requirements. If leaves are picked up directly from the curb, you may also want a wheelbarrow to transport them to the front yard.

The fall is also the ideal time to prepare your yard for winter. Applying TurfCare Winterizer to your backyard between September 1st and November 15th is a great way to ensure that your lawn stays well maintained through the harsh winter.

Winter Walkway Maintenance

Even when the snow falls there is still maintenance that needs to be done to upkeep your property. As the snow begins to pile up or your driveway becomes coated in ice, spreading salt is a necessity to keep everyone safe. There are countless options for salt, and the experts at Kurtz Bros., can help you choose the type that’s right for your property.

To spread the salt, you will need one of two tools. The first is a large push spreader with a deflector. This is the more expensive option, but cuts down on the stress on your back and also reduces the time required to salt an entire driveway or walkway. Alternatively, you can also settle for a cheaper hand spreader. The great thing is that these spreaders can also be used to spread fertilizer in your yard the remainder of the year.

In addition to rock salt and spreaders, you will also want to invest in two good snow shovels and a snow pusher. Having two on hand is always a good idea in case one breaks or gets lost in the snow, or you’re faced with a blizzard and need to tag team a few feet of snow with your spouse.

Visit Kurtz Bros., Today to Pick Up Your Home Maintenance Essentials

As a new homeowner, you have a lot on your to do list. Year round maintenance is required to upkeep your house and thankfully, Kurtz Bros., has the landscape supplies and tools necessary to make the job easier. From yard tools like rakes and shovels to essential maintenance supplies like fertilizers, soil, mulch, and rock salt, Kurtz Bros., is your one stop shop for all things landscaping. Stop in to one of our stores today to stock up on everything you need to keep your home well maintained year round.

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