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Keeping your residential or commercial property safe year round is essential. Unfortunately, during the winter the weather conditions can present a safety issue. These winter months can be unbearable, especially with snow falling constantly and frigid temperatures. De-icing salt is a great product that you should have on hand during the winter because it melts the snow and ice and can help prevent people from slipping and injuring themselves. To learn what salt product is best for your situation, keep reading our salt guide! 

Rock Salt 

Rock Salt is made from Sodium Chloride that has been crushed and screened in order to comply with ASTM specifications for de-icing salt products. Particles will vary in size and color, and can range from white to gray. Rock Salt is a good de-icing agent to use on solid surfaces, however, it is important to note that it can damage concrete if not applied correctly. You should only apply as much Rock Salt as necessary to melt or loosen the ice and then swiftly remove the slush with a shovel. You will also want to avoid using Rock Salt around trees, shrubs, or turf to prevent them from being damaged. 

To apply Rock Salt, you should disperse four to six pounds per 100 square feet of space. This application rate will vary depending on how much ice or snow has built up. This Rock Salt will melt until negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a slightly lower temperature than some other products offer. While Rock Salt is available in 50-pound bags, it can also be priced out in bulk or by the pallet. 

Hot Rock EcoGuard 

A new product we’ve started carrying, this salt melts in up to -20-degree weather, and includes and anti-stick barrier to help prevent the buildup of hard snow or ice after its used. Unlike traditional rock salt, it is screed for even size and is a bright color to help with spread-ability, and decreases bounce, so it only goes where you want it to, helping to protect your plants.  

And, because it uses a corn derived ice-melter that helps decrease the need for frequent applications it is better for the environment than some blends that use more corrosive materials. It’s rated as safe for pets and for vegetation, but the color helps ensure that you’re not wasting salt by applying it to only where you need it.  

Hot Rock StormGuard  

Also screened to size and brightly colored for optimal spread-ability, Hot Rock with StormGuard is effective in up to -15-degree weather and maximizes melting speed at lower temperatures. This blend also includes a corrosion inhibitor to help protect your surfaces and leaves a residual coat between surfaces and snow to help protect against damage.  

Make sure you store your bags in a cool, dry, well ventilated area and store them out of direct sunlight, and wear gloves to protect your hands when spreading.  

Super Sack of Salt 

If you are looking for large amounts of salt to keep a larger residential or commercial property safe, you might want to consider purchasing a Super Sack of Salt. A Super Sack of Salt will actually hold the same amount that purchasing a pallet of individual bags would, but for a reduced price. Plus, Super Sacks are closeable, so you can ensure that the salt is kept dry and pliable all winter long. The reusable sacks are available for pickup or delivery and when the next winter rolls around, you can have them refilled. Not only will you ensure that you always have an adequate supply of salt on hand for de-icing, but you’ll also reduce the waste that comes with a pallet of individually wrapped 50-pound bags. 

Winter Melt Bagged Rock Salt 

Winter Melt is another ice melting product that you might want to consider. It is comprised of small to large Sodium Chloride crystals and provides long-lasting and quick ice melting action. Winter Melt only works down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit but does not leave an oily residue behind. 

Before applying Winter Melt, you will want to remove as much of the snow and ice as you can. Then apply the product evenly across the surface at a rate of a ½ cup to 1 cup per square yard. Once the snow and ice soften, as soon as possible, remove the slush and excess product to keep it from harming your concrete. 

Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets 

If you are looking for an advanced de-icing product, Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets is one to consider. This is a high-powered pellet that can actually melt snow two to five times faster than standard rock salt and other blended ice melting products. Not only can these pellets quickly penetrate frozen surfaces to break up ice, it also provides long lasting melting action. In fact, this product melts more than others so you get even more coverage. 

For those worried about the safety of the product, it is safe to use on concrete and around vegetation if used properly and is also odorless and colorless. Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets melt to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and they do not leave a powdery residue either, which makes them cleaner than some other products out there. For the most efficient ice melting product in the industry that can easily be applied with a hand or commercial spreader, you should purchase Excel Calcium Chloride Pellets. 

Call Kurtz Bros., For Your Winter Rock Salt Needs! 

If you are looking to purchase salt to enhance the safety of your property during the winter months, Kurtz Bros., can help. We offer a variety of rock salt products and our knowledgeable staff can help you through the selection process. We also offer deliveries, so you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to fight the frigid winter temperatures. Contact us today to learn more!

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