Cost-Effective Weekend DIYs for Your Backyard

May 31, 2018 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

You want your backyard to look awesome and function perfectly for your family and friends this summer; but you don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on revamping the entire space. Don’t sweat it! There are several small projects that you can do yourself over a weekend— and the supplies won’t cost you much at all. Check out some cost-effective weekend DIYs for your backyard.  

Make a Pallet Planter 

Don’t have much space for a garden? Create a pallet planter instead! Discover over a dozen different ways to turn old pallets into handy spots for gardening. These projects make use of common supplies like nails, paint, tarp, small planters, and maybe a little hardware and a drill, depending on the design you choose. Don’t forget to order soil from Kurtz Bros. to make your pallet planter a genuine success! Or, if you have space, buy some Urban Gardens and get creative with your stacking!  

Put in a Patio 

You can put in a small patio with a few basic supplies like crushed gravel, sand, and pavers. If you don’t already have a spade, a rake and a level, purchase or borrow those items as well. Landscaping fabric is also a good idea, to prevent sagging and weed growth. The project involves clearing the turf from the patio space, laying a flat bed of sand and gravel, and installing paving stones. If you prefer, you can create your patio using Quikrete instead of pavers.  

Cover the Trampoline Springs  

This one focuses mostly on safety, but it can add some much-needed color as well! You know those exposed sections of springs around the edges of your backyard trampoline? Use foam pool noodles, cut to size, to cover up the springs. It’s fun, eye-catching, and safer for the kids.  

Paint Cinderblocks to Create Planters or Furniture 

Cinderblocks make great planters! Paint them fun colors, fill them with soil, and put in flowers or herbs. You can also build an outdoor coffee table, a bench, or a garden wall with cinderblocks. They’re cheap, sturdy, and easy to repaint if you tire of the color scheme.  

Build a Fire Pit 

Are you longing for the crackle of a fire on cool spring and summer evenings? How about fire-roasted hot dogs and toasted marshmallows? Build your own fire pit using gravel, concrete blocks, and finish the area (but not the pit) with some decorative stone. Once it’s finished, your family and friends will enjoy mini campfires for years to come! 

Add Lighting 

From DIY tiki torches to outdoor string lights, changing the lighting in your backyard is one easy way to give it a facelift and make the space more enjoyable. Hang strings of clear bulbs (with heavy-duty cord and weatherproof sockets) overhead, or opt for the solar lights that you can pound right into the earth along pathways.  

For more summer backyard DIYs, or to order supplies for your projects, contact Kurtz Bros., Inc. We’re glad to help you transform your outer space, little by little, until it’s just right for your needs.  

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