Creating and Planting a Salsa Garden

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If you are new to vegetable gardening, you are probably familiar with how challenging the first steps can be. Planning can be tedious, and the process can sometimes be frustrating because, like most things, we learn through our failures. Start a vegetable garden with a fun and simple approach by using a thematic and already well-researched method. For some, that means planting a salsa garden. it can be a rewarding experience that needs some basics such as containers, soil, compost, seeds, and time.

Plan Your Salsa Garden

Foremost, salsa gardens are incredibly flexible since they don’t take much space. They do well in containers on patios or balconies or in garden beds if you have a large yard. Before you begin planning what plant varieties you want in your salsa garden, make sure you find a space that receives a good amount of sun and that you have time to water your garden daily. If you have a small porch, plan out your salsa garden using vertical space. This can include hanging pots, window sill planters, and more.

When deciding on the plant varieties, think about what grows best in your area. Consider planting cilantro, chives, scallions, a variety of tomatoes and tomatillos, peppers like jalapenos or poblanos, and garlic. Moreover, if you want a complete salsa garden, you can even invest in a lime tree. Lime trees are available as dwarf varieties that can be placed in small yards or porches.

Create Healthy Soil Blends

In order to have healthy plants that stave off diseases and produce a lot of fruit, you need to feed your plants with a healthy blend of soil. The key to keep your plants healthy and pest-free is by nurturing a healthy plant. This includes using nutrient-rich soil, and ensuring your plants receive adequate sun and water. For your soil, we recommend mixing compost, earthworm casting, topsoil, and organic fertilizer. Adding this mix into your containers or raised bed will help set your salsa garden for success. Also, layering straw over your soil and around your plants is an excellent way to keep your salsa garden safe from weeds while also adding protection from the heat. 


Planting a Salsa Garden

You can decide to create your garden out of seeds or seedlings. If you are growing from seeds, follow your seed packet’s directions and sow at the recommended time. Make sure the soil for your seeds is light, airy, and nutrient-rich to promote growth. A lot of garden centers, such as Petitti, sell well-established seedlings that you can immediately plant in your garden. Additionally, we recommend leaving sufficient space around your plants (1 foot apart) and adding some trellising to your tomatoes such as a Florida weave or a basic round trellis. In order to naturally deal with pests, we also recommend companion planting, especially around peppers and tomatoes. Cilantro, chives, and herbs are great companion plants that you can place around more vulnerable plants–the more herbs the better. 

Get High-Quality Soil and Compost at Kurtz Bros.,

We have all your landscaping materials to get your salsa garden started. Not only are our stores stocked with soilmulch, and compost, but we also deliver! You can get all your garden essentials delivered right to your home by ordering online. Contact us if you have any questions or need some guidance with planning your garden.

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