Creative Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

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Are you tired of the same old look for your front lawn? Take a chance on a new, creative design that can renew your enthusiasm for your outdoor space. Explore our list of creative landscaping ideas for your front yard; then adapt your favorites to your personal style and implement them for your property this spring.  

Use Mostly Mulch 

One way to have a high-impact front yard is to do the unexpected. Some homeowners limit their grass to a small strip or circle of turf, choosing instead to cover most of the yard with deep brown mulch. Choose some eye-catching, unusual bushes and plants to include in your mulched beds. You’ll find that the unique choices and bold color contrasts create a stunning landscape.  

Overdo the Flowers 

If you really want a beautiful front yard, develop a landscape that includes an abundance of bright flowers. For the best effect, there should be something blooming at almost any time of the year— so try to select some plants that bloom in the spring, others that bloom in summer, and some that offer their best blooms in the fall. To achieve healthy, beautiful blooms, use a rich soil blend from Kurtz Bros.  

Include Decorative Stone 

Large landscaping stones are often used to build retaining walls that hold soil in place and prevent erosion while allowing stormwater drainage. However, these stones can be beautiful as well as functional. Use them to edge your flowerbeds or to create patterns, tiers, or pathways in your front yard. To view a variety of styles of decorative stone, visit the Kurtz Bros. website.  

Add Evergreen Trees 

This winter, did you notice a severe lack of color in your front yard? Think about installing some evergreen shrubs or the purple Japanese maples. Plants, trees, or shrubs that keep some color year-round can help boost your home’s curb appeal, even during the cold winter months.  

Install a Water Feature 

A pond or fountain can be a fascinating addition to your front yard. Decide where the water feature will get the best light and visibility, and then design the rest of your outdoor space around it. You can incorporate a stone path, curving around the pond or fountain and then leading up to your front door. Use shrubs and other plants to create a textured landscape at the edges of the water feature.  

Bring the Gathering Space to the Front 

Who says that all the seating and entertainment spaces have to be in the backyard? If your backyard space is limited or you want an unconventional yet attractive look, you can install a patio of beautiful pavers or bricks in your front yard. Include comfortable outdoor couches or benches, and consider adding a fire pit as well.  

Play with Perspective 

For a unique look, miniaturize the plants and trees you include in your front yard. Choose dwarf trees, or prune bushes and hedges as if they were tiny trees. With a little practice, you can create your own bonsai garden, featuring small, carefully trimmed trees and expanses of neatly raked gravel, interspersed with a statement stone or two.  

To order gravel, mulch, soil, turf, or other supplies for your new landscape, contact the team at Kurtz Bros. We’ll help you find the materials and tools you need to realize your dream for your outdoor space.  

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