Decorative Stone and Fire Pit Options

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Now that summer is here, you might be itching to build a fire pit in the backyard. You’re thinking about s’mores, hot dogs, bratwurst, and all other kinds of campfire-style food. You’re envisioning the usefulness of the pit not only on cool summer evenings but also on chilly autumn nights. Before you start digging your pit, take some time to get familiar with the types of decorative rocks and functional stones you’ll need.

Constructing the Ring

Many people find that the quickest and easiest way to construct a fire pit is with the use of concrete blocks with a stone facade, or actual hewn stones. You can obtain these blocks or stones from a local hardware store. Look for stone or concrete blocks with a color and texture that appeals to you and fits with the aesthetic that you want for your fire pit.

Creating the Foundation

When you construct your pit, you’ll need a bed of gravel at the base of it. This kind of stone doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be effective. Top it off with a layer of more decorative rocks later on.

Trying the Latest Trend

If you’re planning to have a gas fire pit installed, consider investing in one of the hottest trends in decorative rocks. This new style of fire pit stone comes in spherical form. These are often dubbed “fire balls” or “fire spheres, and they can replace the standard gas logs in an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Most are crafted from durable ceramic and finished with a natural rock look. The finish on the rocks doesn’t burn off; it gradually ages to a more rustic look that remains visually attractive.

Adding Decorative Rocks

If you want to add a little extra flair to your fire pit, consider choosing glass rocks. You can use smoothly rounded blue rocks, multi-faceted red rocks that reflect and amplify the look of the flames, or a river mix consisting of various hues of blue and green crystals. Other shades of translucent, reflective amber, black, aquamarine, and gold are also available. Make sure that you purchase rocks made of tempered glass, designed to be used in a pit.

Laying the Capstones

To finish off the top of the fire pit ring, you’ll need several capstones. These cover up the top of the wall around your fire pit and give it a more finished look. You can purchase them as part of a fire pit kit, cut them yourself, or simply use large natural stones and fit them together like puzzle pieces until the look is right. Make sure you leave a slight overhang at the inner edge and outer edge and use plenty of bonding agent and mortar to ensure a secure capstone layer.

For all your fire pit supplies, contact Kurtz Bros., Inc. We’ve got all the decorative stone and gravel you need to create a fantastic fire pit right in your backyard.

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