DIY Projects to Try with Landscaping Stone

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Is your front yard or backyard looking a little bland? Adding some decorative rocks is one way to spice up the appearance of your outdoor space. Decorative stones come in all shapes and sizes, and you can use them for a variety of do-it-yourself projects around your home. Check out some landscaping ideas featuring some of our landscaping stone types. 

Retaining Walls

If you have slopes or hills on your property, you may have noticed that specific areas are subject to erosion. Erosion can ruin your landscaping, siphon dirt away from your trees’ roots, eat away at your yard, or even pose a danger to your home’s foundation if it continues.  

You can create a retaining wall yourself using broad, flat wall stones that are effective as well as beautiful. Try the varied hues of Pocono Blend Wall Stone from Kurtz Bros., or go with the gray-hued Laurel Mountain Wall Stone. Both stone styles are chunky enough to retain dirt and hewn into shapes that fit well together when you’re constructing your DIY retaining wall.  

Flowerbeds and Garden Beds

There’s something lush and satisfying about deep vegetable beds or flower beds full of dark, rich soil; so keep that earth neat and in place with eye-catching rock walls. You can use thin slabs of Colonial Wall Stone to create perimeters around those high beds to retain the soil while allowing adequate drainage of excess rainwater.  

Granite Steps

Hefty chunks of granite make beautifully rustic steps that are simple to place and last for years. You can use them in your backyard or garden, if parts of those areas are on different levels. If you have trails or paths on your property that you’d like to improve, some granite steps can make the pathway easier to traverse while adding an extra element of beauty to the walk.  

 Pool Landscaping

Do you have a pool or a pond? Lend the outdoor space an air of tropical luxury by surrounding the body of water with some Mexican Beach Pebbles. You’ll need smooth, paved paths to the pool, of course, but you can also add sections of these wave-washed pebbles to remind you of a beach getaway.  

Fountains and Ponds
Mexican beach pebbles and mixed Tuscan stone are also perfect for fountains. Add a generous layer at the bottom of the fountain to cover the concrete, or use them at the bottom of small ponds to enhance the natural beauty of the water feature. For a large, shallow pond, you could also sink some bigger rocks into the water as stepping stones. Children and adults will have fun crossing the pond on the stones.  

Rock Garden

Rock gardens are popular because they are easy to take care of, in addition to being visually pleasing. Use pebbles or Tuscan stone to surround your hardy plants and succulents. Intersperse the succulents, cacti, or other plants with a large boulder or two, and then use flat stone or medium-sized rocks to create edging for the rock garden beds.  

If you have an idea for incorporating landscaping stone into your outdoor space, give it a try! It could be as simple as placing a beautiful boulder or two on your front lawn as a focal point, or as complex as turning the natural rain runoff from your backyard into a rocky waterfall feature. Call Kurtz Bros., for ideas, supplies, and support for your landscaping ventures.  

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