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Spring will be here before you know it and when the snow finally melts away, it will be time to tackle your landscaping projects once again. Trade your snow blower and shovel in for your lawn mower because there is no telling what your yard will look like once spring hits. Restoring your landscape to its former glory can be a struggle, but the right landscaping tools make it possible.  

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to restore your backyard, completely re-do your landscape, improve your curb appeal, or create the perfect relaxing back yard oasis, there are certain landscape essentials that are good to have on hand.   


When it comes to essential landscape supplies, soil tops the list. This versatile material can be used in a variety of applications, such as filling in holes, fixing garden bed runoff, and even reseeding portions of your lawn. It is important to note that soil comes in different compositions, depending on what it is best used for. If you have gardens or sloped landscaping that needs to be maintained, you will want Bed Mix because it is great for planting beds. For new plantings, Worm Dirt Topsoil will grow more colorful flowers and more lush vegetables. 


A complement to soil, compost actually improves the composition of your soil. Made with recycled plant waste for added fertilization properties, compost returns organic matter to soil. This helps improve drainage and promotes better plant growth. Mixing compost with existing soil can help breathe life into your garden or flower bed. Keep in mind that there are different kinds of compost, each with their unique properties. Earthblend Leaf Compost is made from yard waste, and is best used when backfilling around plants, shrubs and trees. A product like Sweet Peet is best for gardens due to its ability to buffer acid and alkaline soils. For commercial potting in nurseries, try a product like Container Mix. 


One of the most important landscape materials to have at the ready is mulch. Mulch comes in a variety of colors and compositions. People generally think of it as a decorative element, but it does so much more. This material is great for retaining moisture, suppressing weeds, and keeping the soil cool to help plants grow better. Existing mulch should generally be refreshed after winter to keep your plants healthy. You’ll also want to keep a little extra on hand, because you never know when a rain or wind storm will leave you with bare spots that need to be filled in. 


When it comes to essential landscape supplies, gravel is something else to have on hand. Pathways or driveways comprised of gravel will need to be filled in after winter or inclement weather. Gravel is typically priced by yard, so be sure to account for extra when you place an order. This keeps you from struggling to match size or color the next year when it it’s time to patch bare spots. Whether you need #8 Gravel or Mexican Beach Pebbles to keep your landscape looking immaculate, Kurtz Bros. has you covered. 

Decorative Stone 

Decorative stone is another essential landscape supply that you might not have thought of. When you install a patio or walkway made of decorative stone, it’s always a good to buy a bit more than you need. That way if any stones become damaged at a later date, you can replace them easily without the hassle of trying to find the perfect match. They don’t take up a lot of space and can easily be tucked away in the corner of the garage underneath other essentials. 

Lawn Care Products 

This is another essential product, especially during the spring. You’ll never know what condition you’ll find your yard in when the snow finally melts. Even if you find a lusciously green lawn, chances are that some spots still require patching. That is why grass seed and fertilizer are must haves, especially during the spring months when seed is most likely to take. When repairing your lawn, you can use products like EZ Mulch and EZ Straw Repair Mix to improve the chances of the seed taking. Even if your lawn doesn’t require any patching or reseeding, you’ll want weed control to keep it looking luscious and green all season long. 

Super Sack 

This is essential for working out in the yard. These sturdy sacks hold 1 yard of product and helps get it closer to where you need it. It eliminates waste from empty bags, and is closeable to keep your material fresh all summer long. You can protect the environment and save yourself extra work with these handy Super Sacks. 


When it comes to essential landscaping tools, the list can seem endless. In reality, there are just a few essential tools that you should always have on hand depending on your yard: 

  • Gardening: A good pair of small hand pruners, and a larger hedge shears to keep your bushes tamed are good tools for keeping your garden beds well maintained year-round. Gloves are also essential when you’re pulling weeds or tilling beds.  
  • Yard Maintenance: Rakes, shovels and spades are great tools to keep around. Round point and scoop shovels are versatile, and for rakes, you will want at least a spring rake. A wheelbarrow is also a must for larger yards, as is a spreader to keep your grass lush and green. 
  • Extras: Maintenance doesn’t just stop at greenery. That’s why it’s always good to have some QUIKRETE® on hand for patching driveways and or filling in decorative paths. Tarps and straps are also essentials to keep on hand.  


There’s no point in having a beautifully manicured backyard if you can’t actually enjoy it. That’s what it’s important to always keep some firewood on hand in your shed or garage. Even just a bundle or two of firewood will help. You never know when you’ll have the perfect night for a bonfire. Toss some firewood from Kurtz Bros. in the fire pit, call some friends up, and enjoy your well-maintained yard! 

No matter what your landscaping needs are, Kurtz Bros. has you covered. With pick-up and delivery options available, if you ever need to restock your essential landscape supplies, just give us a call 

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