Essential Spring Yard Tools for Emergencies

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Being a homeowner or business owner demands readiness for whatever may happen on your property—including lawn care emergencies. With our list of essential spring
yard tools
for emergencies, you’ll be prepared to handle whatever comes your way this season.

Lawn Mower

Does your HOA board require that your grass be kept at a
certain height? Keep a lawn mower handy for those days when you realize that
your grass is approaching questionable levels of lushness!

Tree Trimmer or Hand

If you have thunderstorms often in your area, you may
encounter broken branches or half-fallen trees from time to time. It’s a good
idea to have a tree trimmer or saw of some type on hand so you can handle
potential hazards quickly.

Cut down those partially broken branches and remove any
fallen limbs or saplings. Leaving them in place can be a liability issue for
visitors to your property.

Leaf Rake

Did you know that allowing leaves to remain on your lawn can
kill your grass? Leaving that leaf cover in place for more than a few days will
slaughter the lush green lawn you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

During the spring and summer, remember to rake up leaf
trimmings or grass clippings and reuse them in an environmentally friendly
fashion. It’s a good idea to keep a rake or two on hand so you can quickly take
care of the pesky leaves that are so prevalent in autumn, too.

Hand Pruner or Shears

Are you having guests for a springtime gathering? Imagine
noticing, right before your guests arrive, that your front yard bushes are
looking crazily overgrown in a few places. With a hand pruner, you can quickly
remedy the problem before your visitors arrive. Be sure to keep a couple
different sizes of shears on hand as well.


You never know what thorny or poisonous plants or insects
might crop up on your property; so keep a pair or two of heavy protective
gloves on the premises. That way you’ll be ready to pull up poison ivy, deal
with unwanted critters, tear out thorny vines, or deal with other unexpected
lawn care issues.

String Trimmer

This type of lawn care
power tool offers a simple solution to tall weeds, vines, or strips of
tough-to-reach grass. You can add an edger or buy a model with an adjustable
head so you can achieve a beautifully manicured aesthetic for your lawn. Keep
your string trimmer in excellent shape in case you need to use it for a lawn
care emergency.

Remember to check the Kurtz
Bros. website
for all the tools
and lawn care supplies you need. You can also call our lawn care experts for
advice about landscaping issues and lawn care needs; and we’ll be happy to
offer advice and assistance.

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