Essential Winter Supplies and Tools for the Homeowner

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With winter setting in, it’s time to take note of the tools and winter supplies that you already have and create a shopping list for the things you need. Take a look at our supply recommendations for your home and vehicle.  

Erosion Control Systems 

Don’t put your yard at risk by leaving it at the mercy of winter storms. Severe weather and melting snow can cause erosion, especially in yards with sloped areas. You can protect against this problem using limestone or gravel, by employing our special Hydro Clear Bioretention Soil, or by requesting help from our stormwater management experts. Call us anytime to get quick, effective help with stormwater problems or erosion issues.  

Ice Scrapers and Shovels 

All across the country, even in the southern states, ice can occasionally be a problem. You leave your home in the morning, ready for work, and discover a layer of ice caking your windshield and windows. An ice scraper is the most portable and convenient tool for removing that sheet of ice.  

Salt  (Snow and Ice Melter) 

During the winter, ice and snow can transform your driveway, patio, and front walk into dangerously slick areas. Order bagged salt from Kurtz Bros., and keep it on hand to scatter over icy spots. We have various blends available, including a winter melt rock salt, a Mag Blend snow and ice melter for very cold regions, and a Safety Blend for areas with milder weather.  


Suppose an ice storm or snowstorm knocks out the power to your home during the dead of winter? If you have a shed or garage well-stocked with firewood from Kurtz Bros., you can keep your family warm even during a blackout. Order plenty of firewood for your fireplace, wood-burning stove, or fire pit so you can feel safe even during bad weather.  


You’ll need batteries for your radio and flashlights in case of a severe weather emergency. Keep some candles and matches on hand as well, just in case you can’t find the batteries or they run out more quickly than you expect.  

Canned Food and Bottled Water 

Stock up on canned food and bottled water. That way, if there is a blackout or if the roads become impassable for a while, your family will be well supplied with food and drink. Estimate about one gallon of water per person, per day.  

Gas for a Generator 

If you have a generator, you’ll want to stock some extra gas for it, especially if winter storms cause power trouble in your area. Make sure you store the containers of gas safely, as recommended.  

When you’re stocking your home and vehicle with essential winter supplies and tools, don’t forget the fun stuff as well— like skewers for roasting marshmallows over the fire, board games for amusement during power outages, and hot chocolate or cider for cold winter nights! 

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