Fall Garden Clean Up That’s Smart and Sustainable

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Now that you know how to prep your garden for the winter, we want to discuss some eco-friendly alternatives. Discover how to establish a sustainable fall clean-up that puts your leaves and debris to good use! With our tips, you can successfully clean up your garden while also fostering biodiversity. 

Clean Up and Recycle Garden Leaves and Debris 

If you live in Ohio, you are no stranger to clearing your yard of leaves. Although it may be tempting to just rake and bundle your leaves into trash bags, there are some eco-friendly alternatives. They are not only better for the environment but also beneficial to your soil. Because leaves are organic matter and will decompose on their own, they can be recycled into mulch.

To shred the leaves, simply run over dry leaves with a mover. The shredded leaves will eventually break down and improve your soil composition. If you are using a different kind of mulch such as wood chip mulch, you can also use the materials to compost! Compost requires a ratio of three to four parts brown material comprised of leaves, newspaper, and twigs. And one part green such as vegetables or fresh plant matter. If you don’t personally compost, you can also donate the materials to a local composting organization.


Adjust Your Watering Schedule

After the Fall Equinox, you should begin decreasing your watering cadence and volume, especially in colder zones. The growing cycle of your plants slows down during the winter. As a result, they don’t require nearly as much water when compared to the growing season. We recommend watering first thing in the morning when you do water. Doing so will help you avoid issues such as powdery mildew, while also taking advantage of natural precipitation.

Be Mindful of Wildlife When Clearing Out Garden Beds and Collecting Seeds

If you have any leftover vegetation, we recommend collecting and drying the leftover seeds to use for the next growing season. You can also harvest seeds from flowers like zinnias or sunflowers. Just be sure to harvest them once they have gone to seed. If you want to increase the biodiversity of your garden in the winter, we recommend leaving some plants and seeds out. Your fall clean-up can still be effective but also be mindful of birds and insects. Leftover plants can provide food for both species. Moreover, if you are trimming your shrubs and trees, make sure to leave enough space for these critters to take refuge during the cold winter months. 

Clean Up Your Garden with Kurtz Bros.,

Kurtz Bros., Inc has all the materials needed to clean up your fall garden and prep for winter! We have an assortment of strawwood chipscompost, and more!. Contact us or visit us in-store so we can assist you!

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