February Garden and Lawn Care Tips

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garden-grass-meadow-greenIn many areas of the country, the truly severe winter weather doesn’t start until after Christmas. January brings the full power of winter, with snowstorms, icy rain, or powerful winds, depending on the area of the country in which you live. Here are some ways to protect your lawn and garden from January’s weather.

Check Young Trees

Have you recently planted young trees? Check the wires and stakes to make sure that they are secure. Stakes should be straight, and the wires should be encircling the bark without damaging it.

Stake Fragile Plants

Do you have other plants that are tall and fragile, susceptible to breakage from wind or ice? Add stakes to those plants to supply additional support.

Wrap Weaker Bushes

Some of the shrubs and bushes in your yard and garden may be hardier than others. Protect the tender, weaker shrubs and trees by creating a wooden frame around them and draping the bush and the frame with burlap.

Leave Icy Branches Alone

If you see ice encasing the twigs and branches of your plants and trees, you may be tempted to try removing it. However, doing so can actually cause more damage. Leave the ice alone, and it will melt before long. The only exception is when an ice-covered tree or heavy branch seems to be threatening to fall on a building, such as a house or garage.

Keep an Eye on the Snow

Is the snow shrouding your bushes and plants? Leave it where it is, since it can actually serve as a protective layer of insulation against the cold and the wind. If you see the plant bending and nearly breaking under its weight, gently brush some of the snow off the branches.

Prune Trees While They’re Dormant

If there’s no snow or ice on the branches of your trees, you can take advantage of this dormant season to do some much-needed pruning. Bundle up and deal with the overgrowth on fruit trees, ornamental trees, shade trees, and bushes.

Keep Off the Grass

Avoid walking or driving on your grass when it is frost-bitten or frozen. If your kids want to go out and play, make sure that you limit their activity to the back yard. Ideally, wait until the grass is protected by a blanket of snow, or until the sun has thawed the morning ice or frost. If you’re hosting a big New Year party or some other gathering, ask guests to park in the driveway or along the street, rather than on your grass.

As always, call Kurtz Bros., if you have any questions about caring for your lawn or garden in January. We’re happy to provide you with the supplies you need, or we can come out to your home to inspect the outdoor space and take care of an immediate lawn care or landscaping needs.

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