Firewood Storage Options

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As winter approaches, your fireplace or fire pit becomes a more important fixture of your home. Thanks to Kurtz Bros., you can order all the firewood you need for the winter, whether that’s a full cord, a partial cord, or a bundle. But once you receive your load of firewood, how and where should you store it? Check out some options for firewood storage that will keep the wood fire-ready for the entire winter.  

Understanding the Risks 

First, you need to understand the risks to your firewood. The wood is particularly vulnerable to moisture, so the rain and snow that your area gets during the winter is a problem. It will make the firewood damp and introduce the possibility of rot, mold, and decay.  

In addition, there’s a risk from pests. A huge pile of wood, full of dark spaces, is just what some small outdoor creatures love. Insects can also get into your woodpile and infest your firewood.  

Constructing a Firewood Storage Rack 

If you’re handy with a drill, you can construct a firewood storage rack on your property. A storage rack like this can be built from treated 2×4’s and works best for storing large amounts of firewood, like a full cord. However, you can build a smaller version if you like. The rack basically provides a framework for stacking the wood, and also supplies a little height to keep it up off the damp ground.  

Building an Enclosed Firewood Storage Shed  

As handy as it is, a storage rack won’t keep out pests like mice and squirrels. If you live near a wooded area and you suspect that those pests might become a  problem, a firewood shed may be ideal. Don’t place it right next to the house, but choose a spot a little distance away— 20-40 yards. That way, your firewood is still accessible, but any pests that might gain a foothold will be far enough away from your home. Make sure that the plans you use provide a raised pallet floor and some windows to allow air and sunlight in.  

Using a Firewood Cover 

The easiest and quickest way to store your firewood is to purchase a wooden pallet and lay it down in a convenient spot, not too far from your back door. Buy a firewood cover big enough to cover up the entire stack of firewood, or simply use a blue tarp if you already have one. Make sure that the tarp doesn’t cover the wood entirely, or you’ll have a recipe for mold. Tack up portions of the tarp so that air can get in and dry the wood. Also, be sure to tie the tarp down with stakes and some rope or heavy string. While a tarp will work for your purposes, a cover designed specifically for firewood may come with some handy features, like open ends, airflow panels, access panels, and ultra-durable material.  

If you need to order some firewood, or if you need suggestions for firewood storage or other outdoor features, contact Kurtz Bros., We’ll be happy to help you get stocked up with firewood and prepared for the winter.  

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