Fresh Lawn Aesthetics for 2020

Mar 12, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Are you interested in boosting the curb appeal of your home? Give your lawn a modern flair by exploring some up-and-coming trends for this year and the next. You’ve still got enough time before spring comes to investigate the hottest things in lawn care and decide which landscaping angle might best suit your lifestyle and your climate zone. Check out these fresh lawn aesthetics for 2020!


For several areas of the country, wildfires are a real risk. If your area is known for out-of-control fires during dry seasons, you may want to consider swapping your lawn for a hardscape to form a natural fire break. Sand, gravel, and decorative stones can be incorporated into the design, as well as patio areas or walkways laid with pavers or concrete. You can also plant succulents and other hardy, sun-loving plants if your area suffers from long dry spells.


Keeping things clean, with crisp lines and minimal fussiness, can be as attractive in landscaping as it is for the interior of a home. In 2020, we’re taking minimalism outdoors! Keep that lawn light and open, with clear lines of sight. Broad sweeps of neatly trimmed grass are easy to maintain with occasional mowing. Points of interest are simple and isolated—a solitary tree here, a single beautiful shrub there, a nice even bed of dark mulch with just a few succulents or flowering bushes dotted throughout. Not only is this lawn aesthetic lovely in its simplicity, it’s also easy to maintain.

Shade and Awnings

2020 lawns are all about comfort and relaxation. If your lawn is getting too much sun, consider installing awnings, pergolas, gazebos, or shade trees to provide cooler, relaxing spaces. Retractable awnings can expand or retract as needed to cover areas of the lawn or allow plenty of sun. If you’re eager to have plenty of nice, cool shade throughout your front or back lawn area, be sure that your grass is a type that thrives with minimal sunlight.


Somewhat related to firescaping, xeriscaping is a new lawn trend that’s catching on for 2020. Its primary focus is conserving water, so if you’re interested in proper stormwater management and environmentally friendly landscapes, you should explore the various aspects of this movement. A xeric shrub bed, for example, typically saves 20-40% water compared to a bluegrass lawn of the same square footage. In most cases, plants that are xeric also require less maintenance. This aesthetic is more of a lifestyle than a trend, so if you’re serious about it, you may want to also explore stormwater pollution prevention plans and bioretention systems.

Interested in more lawn trends and tips? Call Kurtz Bros., anytime to find out how to make your lawn aesthetically on-trend and beautiful for this summer and beyond. Our lawn care experts are always happy to answer questions and direct you to high-quality products that will perfectly suit your needs and wishes for your outdoor space.

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