Front Yard Vs. Backyard Plants

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When it comes to designing your landscaping, careful consideration needs to be taken to distinguish between the front yard and backyard. After all, your front yard and backyard serve very different purposes. The front yard serves as a first impression, a way to welcome guests to your home, and as a method to wow those who drive by. Alternatively, your backyard is a more personal space. This is where you gather with friends and family, which is why there are different considerations to take. But what is the difference between front and backyard plants? What should you consider when developing your landscaping for the front and backyard? If you’re ready to start designing or revamping your landscaping, keep reading!

Front Yard Plants

Your front yard is the gateway to your home. This is the first thing that visitors and those who drive by see, and it is important to design your landscape as a way to invite these guests in and make them feel welcome.

 Curb Appeal

One of the first things to consider when choosing plants for the front yard landscaping is your curb appeal. What are you trying to say about your home? If you are trying to present your home as a showcase and something to be admired, you can gravitate towards more exotic and extravagant plants. If you are going for a cottage or country theme, more wild plants in the front landscaping are appropriate. Whatever look you are going for; your local landscape supply company or nursery will be able to help you choose the perfect plants for your front yard landscape.


Another option to consider when choosing front yard plants is how welcoming they are. Yes, curb appeal is important, but when guests arrive at your home you want them also to feel welcomed. To do this, you can choose bright and colorful flowers, or even have uniquely designed bushes that welcome guests to the front door.

 Another way to make your home welcoming with front yard plants is to create an arrival area. By landscaping along the path that leads to the front door, you can essentially treat visitors to a relaxing walk through an outdoor foyer space. This not only elevates the curb appeal and look of your home, but also makes them feel more welcomed.


When it comes to the front yard, most landscaping is right up against the house. This presents a nice, uniform design, but you need to ensure that you carefully consider what plants you put there in regard to maintenance. A Japanese Maple will look great against the house, but in 10 years when it grows larger, will it interfere with the siding of the house once it spreads? How about the oak tree that you plant fifteen feet from the house? Will it dump all of its leaves in the gutter or spread so large that branches are overhanging your roof? Whatever you plant, be sure to look into the growth span in regard to height and spread when choosing front yard plants and place them accordingly so they do not present a threat to your home.

Backyard Plants

Your backyard is an inviting place to rest and relax. Well, at least it should be. That is why careful consideration needs to be made when choosing the best backyard plants for your outdoor entertainment space. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider when selecting plants for your backyard, and how this differs from your front yard.


First and foremost, you want to feel a sense of privacy and comfort in your own backyard. That means you don’t want the prying eyes of neighbors to be able to look right into your outdoor living space. That is where the art of landscaping comes into play. You can utilize shrubs to create privacy walls, which are a nice way to keep the neighbors out of your backyard, without having to shell out the money for an expensive privacy fence. Plus, a privacy shrub wall provides a more natural look to keep your backyard living space serene. When choosing privacy shrub plants, be sure to take a close look at their growth projections and plant them accordingly.


Another aspect to consider when selecting your backyard plants is their entertainment value. If you are going to spend a lot of time in the yard, you’ll want to go for bright and colorful plants that add pops of color to your landscaping. Consider choosing flowers that pair well and complement the color of your home or other outdoor aspects. In addition, you can also use landscaping to define areas of your backyard space. If you have an outdoor kitchen or eating area, you can wall off the space with plants, giving a more natural feel than you would create by using furniture or solid walls.


Finally, when choosing your backyard plants, you should also pay attention to the shade requirements of the area. If you don’t have an awning or roof over the back patio and it is always in the sun during the evening when you entertain, consider planting a shady tree like an oak or maple that will give some reprieve during the sunniest parts of the day. Alternatively, if you have a pool, you will likely want to avoid planting a shady tree right by it that will deter the sun from heating the water.

 Kurtz Bros., has the plants you need to make your front and backyard shine!

When it comes time to design your front or backyard landscaping, Kurtz Bros., is the place to go. We not only have your landscaping essentials like soil and mulch, but we also have the plants you are looking for as well. Plus, our knowledgeable staff can help you select the perfect front and backyard plants for your landscaping. With the landscaping tools and supplies that you will need in stock and the plants required to bring your landscaping to life, we are your one-stop shop! If you are ready to get started, give us a call or stop into our store today.

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