Garden Paths and Walkway Ideas

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As individuals plan out their gardens, they also have to decide what type of walkways to install in order to make access to their yard easier. It can include walkways between garden beds or islands, towards sheds or alleyways, or to tie in the entire yard. Discover a variety of garden path and walkway ideas that can enhance your space and that range in price, creativity, and material. 

Develop a Natural Walkway with Stepping Stones

If you want a more natural aesthetic, stepping stones are a fun way to create a walkway. You can be creative with stepping stones and use an assortment of colors, sizes, and patterns. Moreover, the irregular shapes look natural and as if it was seamlessly a part of the landscape. It looks even more organic if you allow a generous amount of space in between the stones for grass to peak through. To install, clear out any debris and grass where you plan to place the stones. Additionally, garden stone are easy to move as you continue to develop and modify your garden. They make an excellent option for renters or if you are testing out a path before committing to something more permanent.

Create a Distinguished Garden Path with Brick or Pavers

Using brick or pavers to create a walkway is a bit more costly and time-intensive, but the result is a more formal and organized yard. You will need to take extra time to map out where you want your pavers to lie because, unlike stepping stones that can be modified, bricks are a more long-term approach. If you are laying the path out yourself, it will take about a weekend or longer to complete and you will need an array of materials to complete the project. Despite the labor, pavers and bricks can be a beautiful addition to any garden because their layout and colors are customizable. Plus, they are easy to maintain and will last for years to come. 

Garden Path and Walkway Ideas

Enhance your Lawn with a Gravel Path

Layering gravel as a walkway is a great long-term solution that you can adjust if you decide to make any changes to your garden layout. Although it is less formal than pavers, it still looks a bit more refined than mulch and stepping stones, and can also be combined with different materials to create contrast and interest. There is an assortment of gravel to choose from such as pea gravelriver pebbles, crushed granite, recycled aggregate, and limestone.

Installation is simple; you will need to do a bit of digging after you have mapped out your path to lay the gravel in. Additionally, you can also choose to create a mosaic walkway with an array of pebbles and gravel, but this will take more time and money. It is a beautiful, artistic, and unique approach that may add a touch of interest in your garden. 

Lay Down Some Cost-Effective Mulch

Ultimately, mulch is a cost-effective and less permanent way to create walkways in your garden. Not only are there are an array of colors and textures, but they can also be developed as you continue to plan your garden layout since mulch decomposes over time. Not only will the mulch add nitrogen back to your soil, but also can be refreshed yearly by adding a fresh layer of mulch. The installation is very similar to any mulch installation. To further curtail weeds, we recommend using a layer of weed barrier fabric or even organic materials such as cardboard. 

Start Designing Today

If you are starting to map out you garden, come by and visit Kurtz Bros., We not only have everything you need to get started, but also have knowledgeable associates that would be happy to assist you. Additionally, we offer delivery so you can order your mulch and hardscaping supplies online. Simply use our cubic yard calculator to get started. Contact us to learn more!

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