Get Ready for Spring in the Fall

Oct 15, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

As fall approaches, you may think you’re done with yard work and lawn care for a while. But autumn is actually a great time to get a head start on preparing your lawn for the next growth season! A few extra tasks now can make a huge difference in the health of your yard next year. Check out these tips to get ready for spring in the fall.

Continue Mowing

Don’t stop your mowing routine! If you stop mowing abruptly while the grass is still growing, before it goes dormant for the winter, it will grow too long; and then, when you finally do cut it again, the shock could be too much for it. Keep mowing every week throughout the fall and even a little bit during the winter if you don’t have snow or ice.

Keep It Clean

Autumn, with its falling leaves and blustery winds, can really do a number on your yard. It’s important to keep up with tidying your outdoor space, since leaves and sticks can choke your grass and clog your flowerbeds. Make sure you rake leaves regularly, pick up any stray sticks and twigs, and collect or blow away debris. Dispose of yard waste in accordance with your town or city’s local guidelines.

Fertilize the Lawn

Fall is the perfect time to apply some fertilizer to your grass. The extra nutrients will help to fortify it for the rigors of the coming winter. Some experts suggest using a pre-emergent and fertilizer combination. The pre-emergent prevents crabgrass from starting up as the weather turns cooler, so it does double duty for your lawn.

Add More Mulch

Mulch is like a comfortable blanket for your plants and trees. It coats their roots snugly and protects them from weather extremes as well as from pests and weeds. Fall is a great time to spread a fresh layer of mulch to keep those bushes, trees, and plants protected throughout the cold season.

Care for Your Tools

It can be tempting to cram all the tools and equipment into your shed or garage and just deal with them in the spring. But if you take the time to clean and repair them now, you’ll feel a lot less frustrated when warm weather rolls around and everything is ready to go, instead of caked in dirt and rust. Wipe down tools, oil them, drain the fuel, fix any broken parts, and store everything in a dry, secure space.

Remember, Kurtz Bros., is here to assist with all your lawn care needs! We have the mulch, the loppers, the fertilizer, the rakes, and the other supplies you need to prepare your lawn for winter and to ensure a healthy resurgence next spring. Order online or call us with your questions!

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