How to Boost Curb Appeal for Homes for Sale in Winter

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Are you selling your home during the winter? It can be tough to visually attract buyers when your grass is dormant and your trees have shed their leaves. Discover how to boost curb appeal for homes for sale in winter. It’s possible, and if you invest the time, you’re sure to draw some extra attention to your for-sale sign.

Incorporate Tasteful Holiday Decor

Encourage potential buyers to picture themselves in your home, enjoying a perfect holiday season. With the right kind of tasteful decor, you can take advantage of the winter holidays to pull in some extra viewers for your house. Consider plain evergreen wreaths with red bows on each window, or beautifully draped garlands and lights over your home’s entrance.

Keep Debris Cleared Away

Winter usually brings with it some wind and harsh weather, which can leave your yard and driveway cluttered with outdoor debris. Keep those sticks, branches, and other bits of trash picked up, and give your driveway and walkway a good sweeping now and then.

Apply Sealant to the Driveway

It’s a good idea to seal your driveway and keep it maintained. This way, any oils and other fluids from your vehicles or your guests’ cars can’t permanently soak into the asphalt. Keep your driveway neat and in good repair to boost your home’s curb appeal for buyers.

Keep Walkways Shoveled

If you’ve just had a big snowfall, get out and shovel your sidewalk and driveway, even if you don’t plan to go anywhere immediately. A neat, clear, well-maintained outdoor space is key to getting potential buyers in the door of your home for a closer look.

Update the Door and Hardware

Does your front door need a facelift? Consult with a design specialist about possibly changing the colors or the hardware to something fresh yet widely appealing. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint and a new lock and handle combo can make a world of difference in the overall appearance of your home.

Add More Lights

Does your porch or entry area feel dark in the evenings? The more lights you have around your home, the better. Visitors and prospective buyers feel safer and more welcomed when there’s ample light; so invest in lighting with warm, yellow tones for maximum effect.

Use Potted Plants Strategically

Maybe your yard simply doesn’t have much color in winter. You can’t necessarily re-landscape everything during the winter, but you can liven things up with hardy evergreen plants in beautiful, colorful pots. Check the Kurtz Bros. website for the potting soil you’ll need to keep your plants healthy.

Potted plants, a painted door, and a tidy appearance are just a few of the ways you can boost curb appeal for homes for sale in the winter. Get more ideas and all the supplies you’ll need from Kurtz Bros.,! Contact us today or visit our website to order your landscaping tools and lawn care supplies.

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