How to Build and Maintain a Beautiful Garden Walkway

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Having a well-manicured garden is only a benefit if you can actually get to it. That’s why a garden walkway is the perfect project to take on. Garden walkways can really add value to your backyard and help define the space. The average DIYer can tackle a garden walkway project on their own, especially a project simply involving mulch or gravel, but for those looking for more assistance, a professional landscaper can also take the reins. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of garden walkways, how to build them, and how to maintain them.

Patio Pavers

Patio pavers are a great choice for establishing a garden walkway. They look both formal and natural and are great for a path that will get heavy use. The only downside with patio pavers is that they can be a bit more expensive than other options due to the cost of pavers and materials required for installation.

How to Build It: Patio pavers are best left to the professional contractors, but an ambitious and skilled DIYer can tackle this on their own—well, maybe with a group of friends. After calling 811 to ensure there are no utilities underneath, you will need to dig down at least 8 inches and install a 6-inch layer of gravel paver base. Then, lay an inch of sand, followed by the pavers. After that, you will put polymeric or jointing sand between the joints of the pavers and use a hand tamper to settle the blocks and sand.  After blowing off the sand with a leaf blower, you will give the walkway a light hose and let it sit for 24 hours so the sand can cure.  

How to Maintain It: As far as maintenance goes, you may need to weed patio pavers if weeds break through. In addition, if the sand between the pavers becomes loose or degraded, you may need to fill in the holes. In addition, power washing the patio pavers can help keep them looking brand new.

Decorative Stones & Gravel

Another great option for a garden walkway is a gravel base lined with decorative stones. This is a heavy-lift for DIYers, but really just involves a lot of hard work. When finished, this type of garden walkway will look great and serve as a cute natural path for your guests to follow as they walk about the garden.

How to Build It: There is one of two ways to build this path. You can either dig an inch or two down and inlay the stone or simply scrape the top layer of sod off and lay the two inches of stone over that. One thing is for certain, you will certainly want to lay a weed tarp down either way to keep the weeds from sprouting up. Then, once the gravel is in, just place the larger decorative stones on both sides of the path to line it. If you want a more compact path, you can use a tamper on it.

How to Maintain It: A gravel path is fairly easy to maintain. You simply need to weed it occasionally if weeds start popping up. Also, after a few years, you might need to lay another inch of stone if it gets heavy use.  

Stamped Concrete

For an official, highly durable garden walkway, concrete is always an option. Concrete is great for areas that will get heavy traffic; however, you will likely want to get a little creative with the design. Choosing stamped concrete can help soften the industrial and commercial look of concrete and will make it feel more natural. When done right with proper color selections, you can make the path look like an old cottage walkway!

How to Build It: This type of garden pathway is easy to build. You simply pick up the phone, call a professional concrete contractor, and let them come out and do all the work! However, you will need to help them determine the layout of the path, and choose things like colors, and the pattern you would like stamped.

How to Maintain It: Concrete is typically the easiest to maintain since there is little work required. You shouldn’t need to weed or fix it. It may require power washing every few months to restore it to looking like new.

Wood Mulch

Wood mulch garden walkways are a great option if you’re looking for an extremely natural option. Plus, mulch comes in a variety of colors so you can add in some vibrancy or keep it very neutral. In addition, mulch is very inexpensive to buy and install. For a quick, cheap, and easy transformation, mulch might be your best option.

How to Build It: Mulch is easy to lay for a garden path. Once you stake out the layout of the path, you will need to remove the top layer of grass or sod. Once you’ve done that, lay some weed tarp or weed screen and then spread a few inches of mulch along the pre-determined path.

How to Maintain It: A mulch path will need to be occasionally weeded. In addition, if you don’t lay a border with larger decorative stones or brick, you will need to rake the scattered mulch back onto the path.

Flagstone Stepping Stones

Flagstone used as stepping stones is another great idea for a perfect garden walkway. These allow you to quickly and easily build a garden walkway and they can look natural will still guiding guests along the path. For an average DIYer, flagstone stepping stones can be laid in a short amount of time and they’re relatively inexpensive, which is great!

How to Build It: For a flagstone garden walkway, you will need to first have the flagstone delivered. Then, lay the stones—leaving a few inches between each—along the entire path, choosing the pattern and look that you like. Once that’s done, you can use a drywall keyhole saw to cut out along the outline of each stone, and then use a trowel to pry up the sod. Once that’s done, you can use some sand to level the spot and then inset the flagstone. Keep doing that for every stone until your path is completed!

How to Maintain It: Flagstone paths don’t require too much maintenance. You may need to weed or weed whack around and in-between them. Also, if a stone becomes unlevel over time, you can use sand underneath it to level it out.

Kurtz Bros., Has What You Need!

If you are looking to build the perfect garden walkway, Kurtz Bros., has exactly what you need! From spades and shovels to wheelbarrows, gloves and more, you can get all of the tools you need at your local store. Plus, Kurtz Bros., also has a variety of the materials you need. You can pick up high-quality patio pavers, decorative stones, flagstone, gravel, and mulch. If you’re looking for a bit of advice, our knowledgeable staff is there to help walk you through material and tool selection. Contact us today or stop into our local store to start your project today!

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