How to Decide Whether Gravel or Limestone Is Right for Your Landscaping

Apr 8, 2024 | Decorative Stone

Differences between Gravel and Limestone

Choosing the right materials for landscaping matters a lot. Gravel and limestone are both great choices because of their looks and usefulness. But how do you know which is better for your garden?

It might seem like gravel and limestone are the same and can be used for the same things. But, they have important differences. These can affect how your landscaping turns out.

This article will explain those differences. We want to help you choose right between gravel or limestone for your garden. Ready to find out which one will make your outdoor area shine? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways:

  • Gravel and limestone are popular for landscaping but are not the same.
  • Knowing the good and bad of each helps you decide better.
  • Think about looks, use, cost, and how much care they need.
  • Gravel and limestone each have their own uses in gardens.
  • Understanding these points helps you pick the best option for your space.

Comparing Gravel and Limestone: Pros, Cons, and Uses

When picking materials for your landscaping, knowing about gravel and limestone helps a lot. Each has its own benefits and looks that boost the look and use of your outdoor area. Let’s dive into why gravel and limestone are top picks for garden projects.

Pros of Gravel

Gravel stands out for several reasons in landscaping. It looks natural and adds a cosy, rustic appeal. It also drains water well, keeping your yard from flooding. Plus, it’s easy to take care of over the years.

  • Wide range of colors and sizes available
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Allows for excellent water drainage

Cons of Gravel

However, gravel has its downsides too. It can move and spread out, especially where lots of people walk. Also, you might have to add more gravel now and then to keep it looking good.

  • May shift and scatter over time
  • Requires occasional maintenance and re-leveling
  • Can be challenging to walk on for some individuals

Pros of Limestone

Limestone is also great for landscapes because of its special features. It gives a clean, sophisticated look to any outdoor area. Plus, it’s very tough and can handle bad weather, lasting a long time in your garden.

  • Provides a polished and elegant appearance
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant
  • Retains heat, making it suitable for outdoor fireplaces or seating areas
  • Can be easily cut and shaped to fit specific designs

Cons of Limestone

Yet, limestone has its cons as well. Since it’s porous, it could get stains or lose its color if not sealed right. It also needs regular care to keep it looking its best and to stop weeds.

  • Needs routine sealing to prevent staining
  • Requires regular maintenance to prevent weed growth
  • Relatively high initial cost compared to other materials

Uses of Gravel and Limestone in Landscaping

Gravel and limestone have many uses in gardens, depending on what you want. Gravel is great for paths, driveways, and adding beauty to gardens. Limestone suits patios, walls, and bases for outside structures well.

Thinking over the pros, cons, and uses of gravel and limestone helps you pick right for your garden project. Whether you value function, looks, or cost, there’s a material that fits. Explore your choices and pick what will make your outdoor area lovely and practical.


Gravel and limestone both have unique pros and cons. Your choice depends on aesthetics, function, budget, and maintenance. Each material suits different landscaping needs.

Gravel is affordable and versatile, perfect for many projects. Its colors and textures add beauty to outdoor areas. Plus, it drains well, making it great for paths and patios.

Limestone looks refined and elegant. It’s durable, good for areas with lots of people walking. It’s cool to the touch, ideal for fire pits or poolsides.

Choosing between gravel and limestone comes down to what you need and like. Think about your space’s design. With careful consideration, you’ll pick the material that enhances your outdoor area. This choice will make your landscaping shine for many years.

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