How to Ensure Your Christmas Decorations Are Eco-Friendly

Nov 28, 2019 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

The health of the planet should matter to all of us; but unfortunately, during the holidays, some people forget to stay eco-friendly. Christmas can be a time of unbelievable waste, due to all the wrapping paper, plastic packaging, and discarded cardboard, as well as the unbridled use of energy.

If you’d like to do your part to conserve resources and stay earth-conscious, you can start with the decorations you display in front of your home or business. Discover how to ensure that your Christmas decorations are eco-friendly this year.

Create Christmas Decorations with Natural Materials

Whenever possible, use natural materials. Wood, pine cones, evergreen boughs, berries, straw, and similar items work well as outdoor Christmas decorations. If you’re gluing pieces together for wreaths and other designs, make sure you’re using a non-toxic, eco-friendly type of glue. That way, the decorations will be fully safe and biodegradable.

Re-Use or Recycle What You Have

Rather than throwing out older holiday decorations, try to re-use them in some way. Even broken pieces can be cleverly disguised with a swag of evergreen garland or some carefully placed holly.

Got bits of tree trimmings or twigs from the last storm? With string and some non-toxic glue, use those leftovers to craft a holiday wreath you can hang on your front door.

If you want new pieces to decorate your lawn, recruit your kids to help you raid the recycling bin and craft a Christmas tree lawn decoration using those recyclables. It’s a fun activity, an attractive yard decoration, and a statement to everyone that the health of the earth matters to you. After the holidays are over, the entire thing can be recycled.

Use Energy-Efficient Light-Up Characters

Maybe you love having light-up characters like reindeer, snowmen, or Santa on your lawn. Instead of grabbing the cheapest ones from a local store, take some time to research and find weatherproof LED versions of your favorite holiday characters.

The weatherproof nature of the design makes the decorations last longer so you don’t have to replace them as often. The LED bulbs use 90 percent less energy than other varieties, and they have a longer lifespan, too.

Swap Old Strings of Lights for LED Versions

Along the same lines, consider switching out your old strings of exterior holiday lights for new, energy-efficient LED versions. The lower energy usage will save you money and help the environment, so it’s a win-win! Plus, these lights operate for an astounding 200,000 hours of use, depending on the brand you get. You can find LED holiday lights in a variety of styles and colors.

If you have additional questions about outdoor decorations and lawn care practices that are earth-friendly and eco-conscious, contact Kurtz Bros., today. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to maintain an attractive outdoor space that also respects the health of the planet.

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