How to Get Your Kids Involved in Outdoor Chores

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Want to get your kids away from those screens and back into the great outdoors? Encourage them to participate in the essential lawn care tasks around your property. Discover how to get your kids involved in outdoor chores and have fun learning together as a family.

Watering the Grass

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, let the kids get involved! Kids love playing in or with water, and even the littlest ones can help with this chore.

Pruning Bushes

Are one or two of the bushes looking a little crazy and overgrown? While they shouldn’t handle larger electric trimming tools, older children can help by clipping overgrown bits with a pair of garden shears. Teach safety rules and keep an eye on the process.

Cleaning the Outdoor Toys

Is the outdoor play equipment dirty? How about all those toys your kids leave in the yard? Choose a day to be “Outdoor Toy Cleanup Day” and help your children construct a washing station for all those neglected, mud-stained toys.

Picking Up Yard Waste

If a storm has blown through recently, your lawn may be littered with sticks, branches, and leaves. Turn the cleanup process into a game and have your kids fill baskets or totes with the debris. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about reuse and proper yard waste disposal as well.

Mowing the Lawn

Older children can help maintain the yard by mowing it regularly. You can even pay them a little money as an extra incentive. This is a life skill they can put to use now and later on, when they have their own homes and yards.

Watering the Garden

Teach your kids about the water needs of all the plants in your flowerbeds and garden. Even the smallest ones can help out, pouring from a small watering can or wielding the hose with help from an older child.

Planting Seeds

Whether you’re planting bulbs in the fall or putting in seeds in the spring, your children will enjoy being involved. There’s nothing quite like the pride and joy on a kid’s face when a seed he or she put into the ground begins to sprout.


Of course, with the delight of planting comes the necessity of weeding. Let your children help you identify and pull out weeds in your vegetable garden, flower garden, or other plant beds.

Whether you need watering recommendations, planting advice, or supplies for your lawn care routine, contact Kurtz Bros., anytime. Our landscaping experts are always happy to answer your questions and help you find the supplies you need to make outdoor chores a family affair.

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