How to Improve Drainage in Your Backyard

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Do you see pools of standing water in your backyard, even after the rain should have soaked into the earth? Stagnant puddles and continually moist ground aren’t just eyesores—they can actually become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. If your plants are standing in overly moist soil all the time, they are more susceptible to mold, rot, and disease. That’s why it’s important to take action if you notice that your backyard isn’t absorbing or channeling rainwater properly. Find out how to improve drainage in your backyard. 

Extend Your Downspouts 

Your downspouts may simply not be long enough to channel the water away from flowerbeds and garden areas. Add more piping to direct the water further from your home.  

Create a Creek 

If your backyard is experiencing significant drainage issues, you may have enough excess water to create your own creek bed. Use rocks, pebbles, and plants to craft a new path for the water. With the right decorative rock choices, you’ll have an attractive rock garden when it hasn’t rained in a while, and a unique water feature when it does.  

Design a Rain Garden 

You can always choose to embrace the moist nature of your backyard by developing a rain garden. This is an area that’s designed to accumulate rainwater, and it’s home to varieties of water-friendly plants. Create a shallow gravel trench to direct runoff to your rain garden, and research attractive plants that thrive in wet conditions.  

Install a Drain 

If water tends to collect in a particular spot, you can always install a drain with an underground pipe to move the water farther away. Investigate options like French drains and smooth-wall pipes to determine which one may be the best fit in your situation. This type of solution is more complex, so you’ll need to plan carefully before you start digging up your lawn to install pipes. 

Channel the Water Carefully 

Whether you’re extending downspouts, digging a trench, or trying another type of solution, you need to be careful about where you’re prompting the water to flow. Avoid directing it into a neighbor’s yard, unless their landscape is able to handle that flow and you’ve discussed the issue with them.  

Call in an Expert 

If you’ve tried one or more of these solutions and you’re still having issues with standing water and poor drainage in your backyard, you may need to consider calling in an expert. Local stormwater management specialists or landscaping experts can help you evaluate the situation, determine where the problem lies, and brainstorm solutions for resolving the issue.  

Consult with Kurtz Bros. 

Our knowledgeable staff at Kurtz Bros., Inc. are always happy to help you with landscaping issues. We’ll answer your questions or direct you to a specialist, and we’ve got all the tools and supplies you need to correct the drainage issue and bring your landscape back to a good state of health again. Contact us anytime for advice or to find out more about our products.  

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