How to Install a Weed Barrier

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 Every gardener has a common issue to combat this spring and summer: weeds. Regardless of what your landscape plans are—edible garden beds, cut flowers, or clean walkways—weed barriers can be an effective solution. Learn how to properly install weed barrier fabric and how to layer materials to curtail those pesky weeds.

Clearing the Area

Foremost, before laying down any landscape fabric or mulch, prep the area by clearing it of weeds and leveling the soil. Remove any weeds from the area by the roots. It is also recommended that you remove any debris from the area which can include rocks, twigs, and leaves. If you want to use a weed killer before installing the weed barrier, this would be the opportune time to do so. The final step should be to level out the soil in all areas to maximize the effectiveness of the weed barrier.

     Weed Barrier Installation

Installing Weed Barrier Fabric

After prepping the area, you should measure the space and cut the fabric accordingly. Additionally, ensure that your fabric covers the area entirely and wraps neatly around edges and curves to lessen the opportunity for weeds to grow. To improve the efficacy of the barrier, smooth the fabric as closely as you can to the soil. If you are adding plants, cut out any spaces where you intend to place them. Also, if there are areas that are not entirely secure, consider adding two layers. You can also use fabric staples to further secure the weed barrier. Add the fabric staples on the outside perimeter and anywhere that needs supplementary reinforcement. 

Layering Materials to Complete the Weed Barrier

Essentially, to have a sturdy weed barrier, you want to reduce any opportunity for weeds to grow. By layering materials over the fabric, you will not only be securing it but also adding an extra barrier. Pavers can be layered on top of the fabric if the goal is to create a walkway or patio. You can also use mulchgravel, or even straw depending on your goals. All three can be added around plants. Just be cautious when laying these materials down to not stifle any plants or seeds. If you are planning an edible garden, we recommend straw. Straw retains soil moisture and acts like a weed barrier that will not weigh down your fragile seedlings.

By creating a layered weed barrier, you can ensure a headache-free growing season! Kurtz Bros., Inc also offers landscape tools and supplies for installing your barrier. If you have any questions regarding weed barrier installation, contact us or stop by our store today so our experts can assist you!

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