How To Keep Birds From Eating Your Grass Seed

Apr 16, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Got bare patches of earth messing up the lovely look of your lawn? It’s time to plant some grass seed to fill in those empty spots. Just one problem—you may find that a local flock of birds thinks that the grass seed is a freshly spread smorgasbord just for them! Find out how to keep birds from eating your grass seed, so you can enjoy a nice, healthy lawn throughout the spring and summer.

Add Extra Grass Seed

One way to account for the loss of grass seed is to feed the birds! You can scatter extra grass seed—about 50% more than you would normally use to make up for what your feathered neighbors are going to eat. Or you can hang a bird feeder or two nearby in the hopes that local birds will choose to dine there instead of munching on your newly replanted lawn.

Scatter Some Mulch

If you mulch too heavily, the grass seed you planted won’t grow—but a thin layer of straw, dribbled over the spots where you planted the grass seed, can provide just enough coverage to discourage most birds, while still permitting the seeds to sprout. After the seeds germinate, carefully rake away the bits of straw without dislodging the seeds. This method is tricky, but it can work.

Spread Out Burlap

If you don’t trust your ability to gently rake away the straw mulch, you could always cover the patches where you planted the grass seed with burlap instead. Loosely woven burlap will permit the seeds to have access to sunlight, air, and water, but it will prevent birds from eating the seeds. Once the seeds have germinated, simply lift away the burlap and dispose of it.

Scare the Birds

Scarecrows are still a thing for good reason. You can install a fluttery, human-looking decoy on the lawn to scare away birds until your grass seeds germinate. Or, if the aesthetics of a scarecrow bother you, install a real-looking decoy hawk or owl, either in the center or at the edge of the lawn. For a large lawn, you may need a couple of these figures. Be sure to move the fake “predators” around once a day or more often, so the birds will be disconcerted and stay clear of your lawn.

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