How to Prep Your Outdoor Fire Pit for Fall Use

Oct 17, 2019 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Autumn is here! Since the nights are growing more chilly, it’s time to think about getting your fire pit ready for your family and friends to enjoy this season. Find out how to prep your outdoor fire pit for fall use.

Repair Cracks or Damage

Safety comes first, so take some time to inspect your stone fire pit carefully. If you locate any missing stones, cracks, gaps, or other problem areas, you’ll need to repair those.

If you have a metal fire pit, check it for rust and cracks. Either seal and repair the problem areas or purchase a new fire pit.

Clean Out Debris

It’s important to get every bit of debris and gunk out of the fire pit before you use it. If you’ve had it covered, this should be simple—but if a stone fire pit has been left open to the elements for any length of time, it will probably have a significant accumulation of leaves, weeds, twigs, dirt, and insects inside it. Shovel out the refuse and dispose of it, then wipe or sweep away any remaining dirt.

Add Sand If Necessary

Depending on the type of fire pit you have, you may need to add fresh sand inside it. Metal fire pits in particular often require a couple inches of sand at the bottom. Shop on the Kurtz Bros. website for the sand you need.

Purchase Firewood

Of course, since you’re planning to use the fire pit soon, you should go ahead and order a supply of firewood. Kurtz Bros. offers excellent firewood in various quantities, including firewood bundles, partial cords, or full cords. Be sure to store your firewood in a dry, well-ventilated space, set off the ground to avoid infestation by pests.

Cover Your Fire Pit

If you’re leaving town, or if a storm is blowing through your area, or if you don’t plan to use the fire pit for a week or two, cover it up to protect it from debris and from the elements. The cover or tarp should keep out moisture, pests, and weeds so your fire pit will be ready for use.

Check Your Tools

Most fire pit users have a couple of important tools close at hand, such as a shovel or ash scoop and a pair of tongs or a poker for stirring the fire and shifting logs into better positions. Before you begin using your fire pit this fall, make sure that your tools are accessible, clean, and free of damage.

Set Up an Ash Can

If you don’t already have a metal can on site for safe disposal of the ash from your fire pit, go ahead and purchase one, along with a bucket for dousing the ashes once they’ve been dumped in the can. Dousing the ashes with water is an essential safety precaution, even if you’re fairly sure that they’re no longer hot.

If you need additional tips on how to prep your outdoor fire pit for fall use, contact Kurtz Bros., and we’ll assist you with obtaining the materials and guidance you need.

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