How to Prepare and Plan Ahead for a Spring Garden

Oct 25, 2021 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Winter is the perfect time to plan and organize yourself for the spring. You can try new methods in the garden, integrate a different design, and assess what you have in stock. Here are some helpful tips so you can properly plan and prepare your spring garden.

Prepare for Your Spring Garden By Reflecting on What Worked This Year

Before deciding what direction you want to go during the growing season, reflect on what worked in your garden and what did not. Did some annuals die sooner into the season than expected or did you have to combat pests and disease? You should consider if there could have been a better placement for that plant and factor in if it got enough sunlight or water.

If you dealt with pests, what kind of pests and what preventative care can you apply this year? For example, setting up companion plants might be a great organic pest management system. Another possible solution is to nurture the soil with organic compost to keep your plants strong and healthy so they can ward off any disease. Reflecting on your successes and failures can help you develop solutions before the season even begins!

planning for spring garden

Assess Your Tools and Materials

During this time, you should also take a peek into your shed and see if any of your tools need replacing. Does your shovel still work properly or do you get splinters every time you use it? Also consider reviewing any leftover soils, compost, and organic materials. Those can quickly house fungus gnats and other pests if not stored properly. We recommend storing them in airtight containers.

Start thinking about how much mulchsoilcompost, and materials you need so you can order them before spring arrives. Additionally, review your seed catalog and order them since quite a few can be sown just after the last frost of the year.

Plan Your Spring Garden

Now that you reviewed what went right and wrong this year and what you have in stock, develop a plan. We recommend drawing out the layout of your yard. If you growing vegetables, try to apply crop rotation, intercropping, and permaculture. Use our zone map guide to better understand what plants work best in your area and weather. Consider sunlight and the layout of the land such as where slops exist and where water runoff pools. Based on this, consider plants that work best in those microclimates.

Also, try to work in plants that resist pests and eliminate any need for pesticides. Planning in the winter is a great time to research and learn new methods of gardening that might make your spring garden a great success. 

Get Started with Kurtz Bros.,

 Kurtz Bros., has all the landscape materials you need to start planning and preparing your spring garden. We can assist you in choosing the best soil and mulch to best suit your needs! Contact us to learn more!

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