How to Select the Right Type of Firewood

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You’re probably starting to use your fireplace more, now that the really intense cold has set in. Did you know that not every type of firewood works well for regular use? Some of them can even cause creosote buildup, which may start a chimney fire if it isn’t removed. Discover some of the differences in firewood types and how they might affect your experience.   


Softwoods tend to burn too fast, and they often don’t yield the amount of heat that most users are looking for. The most popular softwood is pine, but although it seasons quickly and is easy to ignite, it can carry pockets of sap. When heated, the sap may explode out of the pockets and cause dangerous showers of sparks. Burning pine, spruce, or fir logs can also result in flammable creosote building up inside your chimney, which can eventually result in a chimney fire. For these reasons, most experts do not recommend softwoods for regular use, especially in an indoor fireplace.  


Hardwood is widely considered to be the best type of firewood. Trees with this type of dense, dry wood usually burn well and generate ample heat. Check out some of the popular varieties.  

  • Hard Maple 

    Maple trees are widespread throughout the United States and Canada. The harder varieties of maple trees work well for long-lasting fires, since the wood fibers are very dense and slow to burn. If you’re looking for longevity and decent warmth, hard maple is the way to go.

  • Birch

    Another common firewood type is birch wood. These trees yield attractive logs, thanks to their wood color and unique black and white bark. The logs yield plenty of heat, but they do burn down fast; so birch logs work best in conjunction with other types of firewood. Check with your firewood provider to see how many birch logs, if any, are included in their loads of firewood.  
  • Oak

    Oak is a top choice for firewood aficionados. If it is seasoned for a year or two and properly dried, it perfectly combines the two qualities that users need— heat and longevity. It’s tough to get a fire going with oak, unless you have Fatwood Firesticks; but once it starts, you’ll love the long-lasting light and warmth it provides.  

Ordering the Amount of Firewood You Need

The type of firewood available from Kurtz Bros., is all local hardwood, cut to uniform lengths of 16 inches— the perfect size for your fireplace, wood-burning stove, or fire pit. Order some firewood bundles if you only plan to have a fire occasionally, or go up to a 1/3 cord of firewood if your family enjoys the fire pit or fireplace once in a while. We even have full cords of beautiful hardwood log portions that will keep you warm and cozy all winter.  

Supplies for Getting the Fire Started

Just in case you run into a little trouble getting the blaze going, order a big box of our Fatwood Firestarters. These organic, chemical-free fire starters come straight from pine stumps, so they’re packed with natural resin. The sticks don’t contact enough sap to cause a problem— just enough to get the flames going. All you need to do is light the end of a couple of Fatwood sticks, toss them in with the hardwood pieces, and you’re in business. Contact us to have your firewood order delivered to your home.  

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