How to Store Salt in Bulk

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Have you ever thought about storing salt in bulk? We’re not talking about stocking up on it in a doomsday survivalist way—we’re talking about that all-important rock salt and de-icing salt you need throughout the long, cold winter. When the parking lot of your business, the driveway of your home, or the walkway to your front door is slick with slush, you need rock salt to provide traction. If a paved surface is slippery with sheets of ice, you need corrosive salt to eat right through the frozen slab and down to the pavement, providing a safer area for driving and walking.

Don’t risk running out of salt right when you need it the most! Instead, stock up on bags of salt and other de-icing substances so you’ll be prepared, even if ice forms unexpectedly overnight. Find out how to store salt in bulk so you won’t be trapped by ice at your home or business.

Store Leftover Salt in Airtight Containers

When you purchase salt for your driveways and walkways, it’s typically in sealed, airtight bags. When you open those bags to use the salt, that seal is permanently broken. But you might not use the entire bag in one session, especially if you’re just salting the edges of a driveway or a single path. If you have leftover salt in the bag, be sure to place the bag into a large plastic tub, bucket, or bin with an airtight lid. That way, you can save and reuse the remaining salt later.

Ensure Temperature and Humidity Control

One issue with storing salt in bulk for longer periods of time is the clumping problem. Even tiny trace amounts of moisture, introduced into the salt, can cause severe clumping issues. When the salt has dissolved or clumped together, it’s no longer effective for providing traction or melting through sheets of ice.

If you plan to store salt in bulk, stack the bags or buckets of salt in a closet, garage, or other storage space that includes climate control. High levels of humidity can cause salt to solidify into an unusable brick. Be sure you keep the storage space cool and dry, with very low humidity.

Keep Road Salt or Rock Salt Away from Children and Pets

The salt you use on roads, driveways, sidewalks, and paths is an intense and corrosive type of salt. It could be harmful to children or pets, causing anything from “salt burns,” skin irritation, or mild rashes. Dust from rock salt or road salt can cause dramatic irritation to the mouth, stomach, throat, and bowels.

It’s important to store your bulk salt in an area that’s not accessible to your pets or kids. Consider locking the shed or closet where you’re storing the salt, or keeping it in a large deck box or storage box with a lock. And remember to wear gloves and a mask while applying the salt to slippery areas.

To order road salt, rock salt, or other types of outdoor salt, visit the Kurtz Bros., website or contact us anytime.

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