Installing Playground Mulch

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Playground mulch is an effective solution that decreases the severity of any potential falls. It’s important to ensure that the mulch used in these areas is made from high-quality materials and that the installation is at the proper depth for maximum shock absorption.


Choosing the Right Playground Mulch

The ground cover for your playground should be safe, low-maintenance, and affordable. There are various options to choose from but the most common mulch is made from wood chips. Playground mulch is specifically designed and made for playgrounds to reduce the chances of splinters. You want to select a mulch that does not have added dyes or unnecessary chemicals. For example, consider selecting one that is made from virgin wood fibers and that contains no recycled pallet wood for optimal safety. It is also beneficial to use mulch that has passed state drop tests and that has been certified by third-party testing companies.

Prepping and Setting Playground Mulch

To properly set down playground mulch, you will want to remove any old mulch and clear the area of any trash, stones, stumps, or any other potential hazards. Check the established perimeter of the playground and fix any of the borders to ensure that you can layer the appropriate amount of mulch in the playground. Install landscape fabric to prevent weeds from growing and use fabric staples to hold the barrier in place. This step will help reduce maintenance and make future mulch replacements easy. Next, add mulch to the area and rake it to disperse the mulch to match the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend layering our mulch 12 inches deep for the best shock absorption. 

Additional Tips

Consider doing the following to increase the lifespan of your mulch:

  • Replace wood playground mulch every 2 to 3 years. Remember that wood mulch decays with time and replacing mulch over 2 to 3 years keeps the area clean and hygienic.
  • Maintain the area by removing weeds and cleaning the area of any trash or debris. 
  • Mixing and turning the mulch every year can help the area look refreshed and last longer. 

Calculating Mulch for Your Playground

Keep in mind that our playground mulch should be 12 inches deep for shock absorption and that one cubic yard at 12-inch depth covers approximately 27 sqft. We have cubic yard calculators that can assist you with exact measurements. Remember, the Kurtz Bros. team is always available to answer your landscaping questions and offer advice.

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