Lawn Envy: How to Prep for a Successful Spring

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Next spring, you want your lawn to be beautiful, so lush and pristine that the neighbors turn green for sheer envy. To achieve the immaculate, healthy lawn of your dreams, you need to start right now, with some essential fall lawn care steps. Find out how to prep for a successful spring so all the nearby homes and businesses will have lawn envy.

Continue Cutting Your Grass

Don’t quit mowing just because the weather is getting chilly. Keep regularly cutting your lawn to the 2.5-3-inch height until the first hard frost occurs.

Regular trimming keeps the grass aerated, active, and healthy. The mower moves air through the grass blades, ensuring that it doesn’t become matted and overly moist, prone to fungi.

Be careful not to cut the grass shorter than 2.5 inches. If you do, the grass won’t be tall enough to adequately protect its root system from the coming cold.

Rake and Remove Those Leaves

Letting dead leaves sit on your lawn for more than a couple days at a time can do irreparable damage to your grass. The carpet of leaves, though it may look festive and fallish, prevents air and sunlight from reaching your lawn. The leaves also trap moisture underneath, encouraging rot, mold, and other nasty things.

Keep raking those leaves every day or every other day. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth the effort if you want a healthy carpet of grass instead of a soggy, dead mat.

Aerate the Soil

If you plan to fertilize in the fall, aerate your lawn first. This process involves punching tiny holes into the soil. Loosening the soil in this way helps to combat the development of overly compacted soil or too-thick thatch.

You can purchase manual aeration tools or electric ones, depending on the size of your lawn and the amount of work you plan to do. Avoid aerating your lawn in the spring, however. If you do it then, you’ll only make it easier for weed seeds to get into your lawn and sprout.

Apply the Correct Fertilizer

In late fall, after aerating your lawn, apply a slow-release fertilizer that contains the right balance of nutrients for your soil. If you’re not sure what your soil needs, conduct a soil test to find out its strengths and weaknesses, and then select the fertilizer that best complements your existing soil.

For most lawns, potassium is a must. It helps with root growth, defends grass from diseases, and improves drought tolerance. Plus, it can also enhance your lawn’s tolerance to frigid temperatures. Be sure to keep a 5-foot buffer along any nearby waterways when you’re applying potassium-rich fertilizers, to avoid runoff contamination.

To find out more about improving your lawn’s appearance and inciting lawn envy in the neighbors, contact Kurtz Bros., Inc., or visit our website to get the tools, supplies, and seeds you need to succeed with your lawn care plan.

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