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Spring is here, and if you haven’t already started mowing your grass, it’s time to begin! First, you’ll need to check your lawn mower and ensure that it’s in prime working condition. Discover how to keep this essential piece of lawn care equipment in top shape for spring and summer mowing, with the Kurtz Bros. tips for lawn mower care.  

Check Your Owner’s Manual 

Do you still have the manual for your mower? It may contain helpful tips for maintenance and care, as well as advisories about what not to do. Locate the manual and look through it before beginning to work on your mower. If you don’t have it, don’t fret, there are many manual available online.  

Drain the Gasoline  

Lawn mower repair techs advise that you drain the gasoline out of your mower at the end of each mowing season. If you leave the gasoline sitting in there for months, it gets old and can prevent the mower from starting properly. Draining the gas is easy; just let the mower sit and run in the open air until it’s out of gas. Don’t put the fresh gas in until you’re finished the entire cleaning process.  

Put in Fresh Oil 

Next, take off the oil fill cap or drain plug and check the oil. If it looks really black or contains debris, the oil needs to be drained and replaced. Drain the motor oil into an empty container and refill the mower with fresh oil. Check with local recycling or waste management groups to find out how to best dispose of or recycle the old motor oil in an environmentally safe way. 

Brush Off the Mower 

Your lawn mower has probably gathered some dust, cobwebs, and maybe a pest or two throughout the winter months in your garage or shed. Grab a broom and sweep off the mower’s exterior, clearing away any dust or debris you can see. Use a gloved hand or a rag to clean out smaller openings.  

Clean the Bottom of the Mower Deck 

You’ll also want to flip the mower on its side and check for grass, debris, or caked dirt that may be clogging the underside area. Before you do this, follow your owner’s manual’s instructions for disconnecting the spark plug. It’s an extra safety measure to prevent any mishaps while you’re working on the undercarriage of the mower.  

Turn on your garden hose and power-wash the mower deck to get rid of the worst of the grass and dirt; then go back over the area with soapy water and a wire brush. Rinse off the underside of mower deck and let everything dry.  

Replace the Air Filter 

Did you know that your lawn mower has an air filter? Check it frequently throughout the year. If you have a paper filter, swap it out with a new one anytime it seems filthy. For a foam filter, wash it in soapy water to clean away grime and dirt. Be sure to let the foam filter dry completely before putting it back into the mower.  

Change the Spark Plug 

Once you’ve cleaned the mower, switched the oil and filters, and refilled it with gasoline, it should be ready to go. However, if the mower won’t start, you may need to replace the spark plug. It’s a cheap, easy fix, and it should resolve the issue. Be careful not to overtighten the new plug when you install it.  

For advice about your mower and your lawn care needs, remember to contact Kurtz Bros.,! We’re here to help you keep your grass healthy and beautiful throughout the year.  

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