Mother’s Day Is a Great Time for a Backyard Brunch

May 9, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Mother’s Day is coming up soon! It’s time to start planning something special for the moms in your life, whether they are mothers-in-law, birth mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, or just strong women whom you love and respect. Since the weather is getting warmer, why not host a marvelous Mother’s Day brunch in your backyard? Here are some tips for making the event memorable.

Seek the Shade

You’re hoping for a sunny day, the perfect setting for your beautiful brunch. However, there is such a thing as too much sun! You don’t want your ladies to have to squint at each other throughout the meal. Pick a spot for the tables that is at least partly in the shade— perhaps under a large tree, on a covered deck, or under a pergola.

Layer the Linens

Your Mother’s Day brunch can have a casual backyard vibe, but it also needs to include the right table linens to elevate it from picnic status. Drape your tables with heavy tablecloths that won’t be whisked away in gusts of wind. Add placemats with fun prints, and add thick cloth napkins in coordinating colors to each place setting. This layering of table linens adds a sense of luxury and charm to the brunch.

Add Multi-Level Decorations

Nature is your best decorative asset for a backyard brunch, but you’ll probably want to add some decorative elements of your own as well. For a comprehensive and impressive effect, place decorations on multiple levels. For example, you can include gorgeous centerpieces on the tables and add coordinating mats or rugs on the deck floor or on the grass. Throw pillows with your party colors onto the seats, then hang streamers, bunting, tissue paper pompoms, balloons, or paper lanterns in the trees or from the slats of the pergola.

Clean Up the Yard

Do you need some leftover yard waste cleaned out before the big Mother’s Day brunch? Call Kurtz Bros. to ask about immediate solutions for those piles of grass clippings, old boards, branches, and other debris that may be littering your backyard. We’ll send our specialists to help you dispose of the yard waste in a eco-friendly way. You can also contact us if you need supplies to beautify your outdoor space for spring, including mulch, gravel, topsoil, or decorative stone. Get the backyard look you want before you host your Mother’s Day brunch!

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