New Sustainable Solutions for Businesses and Commercial Locations

Aug 15, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your business? Perhaps you’re wondering if your commercial location could find some ways to become more sustainable and less wasteful. Discover new sustainable solutions that could help your business conserve resources and become more earth-friendly. 

Commercial Waste Management 

Is your company discarding too much waste? You see resources slipping away, but you feel powerless to stop the stream. With guidance from Kurtz Bros., your company may be able to reuse or repurpose those wasted resources. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, construction, municipal, or industrial sector, you can find ways to handle waste more efficiently. It all starts with a program that classifies and qualifies commercial waste, then moves toward beneficial reuse and a “zero waste” goal.  

Yard Waste and Office Waste Recycling 

If you have a small business, you may not waste a large amount of resources. However, you can find ways to recycle by adjusting the way that your yard waste is handled. When your landscaping services are completed each week, ensure that the yard trimmings and organic materials are taken to the correct disposal location instead of being placed with regular garbage. Also, provide receptacles for recyclable items like paper, cardboard, and plastic. You could even start a composting program with the food waste from your office break room.  

Bioretention Systems 

Does the rainwater run across your commercial property’s paved areas, collecting pollutants before going straight down the drain? You can take action to limit the amount of polluted runoff that reaches your local waterways. Commercial locations and private homes can make use of bioretention systems that collect water and channel it to soil, where it can be absorbed and used. Rain gardens, bioswales, and vegetative swales are all viable stormwater management solutions. They are not hard to implement, and they can have a huge beneficial effect on local water quality. 

Rooftop Gardens 

Would you like to create more green space at your commercial location? If you have limited outdoor surface area, consider turning the roof of your building into a garden. Kurtz Bros., has a specially designed, lightweight Vegetated Rooftop Mix Topsoil that is perfect for rooftop gardening. Grow herbs, spices, small vegetables, grasses, flowers, or other plants that improve air quality, boost employee morale, and provide you with credits toward LEED certification.  

If you’re interested in managing waste more effectively and creating sustainable solutions, contact Kurtz Bros., We frequently do environmental consulting work for commercial locations, and we can help you conform to current federal requirements and protect the environmental health of your state. Give us a call at 216.986.7000 to get started! 


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