New Year New Yard

Dec 31, 2020 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Is your yard feeling a little lackluster? The New Year is the perfect time to refresh that outdoor space. Let’s talk about some New Year’s resolutions you can make for your yard—resolutions you can actually keep!

Install New Trees and Plants

Have you been wanting to add greenery and foliage to your outdoor space? Make that one of your “New Year New Yard” resolutions! Even if you can’t plant the tree right away in the new year, since it’s the dead of winter, you can begin the planning process.

Decide what goals you want the tree to accomplish. Is the tree or plant purely decorative? Does it provide shade or fruit? Investigate different varieties that would suit your purpose and grow well in your local climate. Then decide where to source the trees or plants and create a timeline for purchasing and planting them. Set yourself calendar reminders so you’ll know when to start each step, and before you know it, you’ll have the trees and plants you’ve always wanted, right in your yard.

Rejuvenate the Backyard

Does your backyard actually work for you and your family? Do you spend time out there? And when you’re out back, do you enjoy yourself, or are there persistent annoyances and frustrations? Walk around your backyard and make a list of things that bother you, or things that don’t really work for your lifestyle. Beside each item on the list, write a solution—a way to fix the problem or repurpose the space.

Refreshing your backyard could be as simple as rearranging the outdoor furniture or purchasing a movable umbrella to shade your patio from the sun. Or it may be an extensive change, like installing a new patio, reworking the footpaths with fresh pavers, or moving the flowerbeds. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, chop the big projects into bite-sized steps and take them on one at a time.

Commit to Natural Pest Control

Wherever possible, you should strive to control pests by natural means. All-natural pesticides or organic types of pest control are best, because they won’t harm other plants, pets, or people. Consider options like mulch, which decreases pest invasion when it’s layered around roots. Bring in plants like citronella, which discourages insects like mosquitoes; or introduce natural predator insects like praying mantises, who can eat the bugs you don’t want. However if you really need the strong stuff to defeat nasty swarms of encroaching pests, Kurtz Bros has got you covered!

Develop a Water and Waste Management Plan

Conserving water and disposing of yard waste properly are two wonderful ways that you can benefit your yard and help the planet, too. At Kurtz Bros, we’re happy to consult about stormwater management so you can make the most of rainfall and reduce the amount of water you have to use from the spout. Check with your local waste management board to find out how they prefer you to dispose of yard waste. Some of it can be used as mulch or compost, so try to repurpose those twigs, leaves, branches, and other scraps as much as possible. And remember, we’ve got all the landscaping supplies you need over at the Kurtz Bros, Inc. website!

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