Optimal Uses for Sweet Peet

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If you haven’t heard of Sweet Peet ® yet, you’re in for a treat. This 100% organic mulch comes from composted ingredients that the makers harvest from local farms. You’ll know it’s good stuff by its dark, rich hue and earthy, natural texture. Thanks to that deep color, it looks good in any landscape, and it’s amazing for your soil and plants! Check out our favorite optimal uses for Sweet Peet®. 

Hard Clay Soil 

If you have hard clay soil, as many people in Ohio and the surrounding areas do, you’ll find that Sweet Peet® is ideal for breaking down that tough earth.  

Sweet Peet’s higher pH levels make it alkaline, which is why it’s called “sweet.” As a result, it’s the perfect complement to acidic soils or those with low pH levels. Add some Sweet Peet®, and your hard clay will gradually transition to more balanced soil in which you can put all kinds of plants.  

Vegetable Gardens 

Sweet Peet® enriches the soil in vegetable gardens, yielding lusher growth and better-quality vegetables. Plus, since it’s completely organic and natural, it’s entirely safe to add to the soil around your veggie plants. Sweet Peet® will work at the soil level, causing the earth to release more nutrients to your plants’ roots.  

Fruit Trees 

Do you want your fruit trees to really thrive? Spread 3-4 inches of Sweet Peet® around the roots to serve as both mulch and soil enhancement. The Sweet Peet® smothers weeds and nurtures the soil, enabling stronger root systems for fruit trees, which in turn yield better fruit. 


Sweet Peet® functions as a weed suppressant, much like other types of mulch. Its organic composition means that it won’t harm your plants, but it can do an effective job of curbing encroaching weeds. Its combination of manure, plant fibers, and virgin wood products offers soil improvement benefits that ensures a colorful crop of blooms.  

Potted Plants 

Combine 1/3 portion of Sweet Peet® with 2/3 portion of virgin topsoil, and you have a fantastic organic growing medium! You can use this blend for potted plants, indoors or outdoors. Add one-quarter volume of sand to create an ideal planting mix for root crops. 

Golf Courses and Established Lawns 

Do you have a large lawn or golf course that could use some enrichment? Use Sweet Peet® lightly as a top dressing, sprinkling rather than spreading so you don’t smother your grass. With a leaf rake, gently rake the Sweet Peet® down into the grass’s root system. Try it a few days after a mowing session to achieve the best results.  

Brand-New Lawns 

Before you install brand-new turf or grass seed, spread a 3-inch layer of Sweet Peet® for soil enrichment. Work it into the earth with a rototiller, hoe, or rake. After you seed, add another half inch of Sweet Peet® to give your new lawn an extra boost.  

Are you ready to order Sweet Peet® for your landscape? Check the Kurtz Bros. website to order anytime. We offer per-cubic-yard pricing, with additional estimates available if you’re using the Sweet Peet® at a retail location. Please call 216.986.7000 for that retail pricing, or contact us anytime if you have questions about using Sweet Peet® for your yard, garden, or potted plants.

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