Outdoor Decor Trends for Winter 2017

Nov 7, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Are you expecting friends, neighbors, and family members to visit your home during the winter season? Keep your outdoor space current and inviting with these popular outdoor decor trends. 

Reclaimed Wooden Signs from Local Artists 

Wooden signs are hot items this year. Purchase lettered signs with words like “Peace” or “Joy,” or select versions with longer sayings to grace your front porch or your deck, or to stand beside your mailbox. You could also order signposts that you actually insert into the ground and direct guests to the North Pole, the Reindeer Games, or the Gingerbread House. Whenever possible, choose signs from local artists, designed using reclaimed wood.  

Chalkboard Signs 

Chalkboard signs are still in! These perpetually hot items are great for indoors and outdoors. Find a large one to sit on your front porch— you can customize it yourself or purchase one with a message already written. Popular phrases like “Baby it’s cold outside,” “Let It Snow,” or “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” are always charming, and if you’re making your own sign, you can look to your favorite holiday songs for inspiration.  

Large Lawn Figures 

Holiday inflatables remain popular, but if you’d rather find an alternative, you can purchase wooden Saint Nick or snowman figures instead. Keep in mind that the grass underneath your larger outdoor decor pieces will probably be squashed flat. It may recover with no problem, or you may find that you’ve created a new bare spot in your lawn. When spring comes, take note of any spots that were sacrificed to winter decor, and purchase grass seed from Kurtz Bros., to rejuvenate those part of your lawn.  

Wreath Trio 

The single wreath is still a classic, but why stop at one? Try the trend of hanging three wreaths on your front door— one at the midpoint, one above, and one below. If you’re a true fan of the holiday season, show off your good cheer with those extra wreaths and ribbons.  

Vintage Touches 

Do you have an old-fashioned sled, a pair of vintage skates, or some old Coke boxes, crates, pails, or milk bottles? Any items that are rustic or boast vintage status are ultra-hot for your outdoor decor. Create a display on your front porch or front steps, using these items, red or plaid ribbons, and some native evergreen boughs.  

Lights and More Lights 

Lighting is so important for setting the holiday mood. As guests approach your home, they should feel warmed and welcomed right away, and the right lighting can achieve that effect. Place large lanterns down the front steps, on the porch, or around the edges of the back deck. Hang a lantern from an iron post set into the ground, or from your mailbox. Make sure that you follow safety guidelines if you’re using real candles in your lanterns, or choose electric lighting that mimics the warm glow of natural light.  

To get your supply of firewood for the holiday season, or to find out how to care for your landscape during and after the winter, call Kurtz Bros., today. Our representatives will be happy to help you make your outdoor space a welcoming place, any time of the year.  

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