Permeable Pavers and How They Work

May 25, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

Are you looking for ways to create a more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly outdoor space? Maybe you’re concerned about flood protection and better drainage options for your yard. Permeable pavers are a promising solution to the stormwater issues that homeowners encounter each spring.

The Problem with Pavement

Those spring showers that are so frequent during April and May are supposed to soak into the ground and nourish new plant life. However, in urban and suburban areas, humans have paved over much of the surface area. Driveways, streets, rooftops, patios, and sidewalks don’t allow the rainwater to soak in. Instead, the rain is forced to travel along those surfaces, collecting pollutants along the way and turning into harmful runoff.

Pollution Prevention and Soil Irrigation

Instead of using concrete or asphalt for patios and driveways, why not try a more sustainable solution? Permeable pavers allow rainwater to drain through them. These pavers are installed on a bed of crushed rock, which ensures gradual drainage down to the soil. That way, the rainwater in your outdoor space gets where it is supposed to go, instead of adding to the polluted runoff in your neighborhood.

Drainage Improvement and Water Harvesting

The permeable pavers can be designed and contoured to direct rainwater wherever you need it to go, which makes them an excellent solution to drainage issues in your yard as well. You can use them to minimize flooding or puddling of water in specific areas, or you can have the pavers designed to channel water to a reservoir. Water harvesting is an excellent way to conserve clean rainwater for future use.

Erosion Prevention and Durability

Is your outdoor space suffering from erosion in a specific area? Consider using permeable pavers to control that problem and stabilize the earth while still allowing rainwater drainage. Since the pavers last longer than most traditional paved surfaces, they can provide a longterm solution. If some of the pavers in your driveway, patio, or walkway become damaged, it’s cheap and easy to replace them, whereas a convention paved surface would be much more costly to repair.

Permeable Pavers and Other Sustainable Solutions

At Kurtz Bros., we’re all about earth-friendly solutions to common landscaping issues. We offer bioretention systems, Hydro Clear Bioretention soil, and vegetated rooftop mix topsoil as well. Plus, we stock a wide range of permeable pavers so that you can have the driveway or patio of your dreams while staying sustainable and eco-conscious. Contact us today to order your permeable pavers or to discuss a stormwater pollution prevention plan for your outdoor space.

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