Prepping for the Spring Thaw

Mar 21, 2017 | Landscape Supply, Uncategorized

magnolia-trees-springtime-blossoms-spring-38910For homeowners, the arrival of spring means a fresh look at lawn maintenance. Depending on where you live, the ground may have frozen solid during the winter, and your yard may have been blanketed with snow and ice. Find out what the upcoming spring thaw means for your yard and how you can prepare for it.

Be Aware of Spring Flooding

If you have a low-lying backyard that drains poorly, you may encounter moisture problems during the spring. The melting snow and ice, coupled with the abundance of spring rains, can turn your land into a swamp fairly quickly. If you’re having trouble with a yard that is more puddles than grass, you may need professional assistance to deal with the drainage issues. Call Kurtz Bros. for advice and recommendations, or to order gravel to minimize moisture retention in problem areas.

Do a Spring Survey

Walk around your property and take a close look at everything. Do you have broken branches from the ice storm last month? Are there large bare patches of earth that you may need to reseed with grass? Write down which problems you want to address first, and create a list of the supplies that you’ll need.

Begin Cleaning Up the Mess

Make a plan for getting rid of yard waste in an environmentally friendly way, with the help of our team at Kurtz Bros. Toting away and recycling the dead grass, branches, twigs, and old mulch is our specialty. We’ll help you clean up the yard while putting the lawn debris to good use.

Assess the Grass

Does your grass have thickly matted areas of thatch? You’ll need to rake those sections as the days begin to grow warmer. You may see some gray or pink snow mold, an icky web of gunk over your once-beautiful lawn. Don’t stress about it, because snow mold usually clears up on its own. Do some raking to break it up, and allow the sun to do its wonderful work.

Start Shopping

Before the ground is fully thawed, step into your shed or garage and take stock of your tools. Are there broken rakes, crooked spades, and missing implements? Toss out the old, broken gardening supplies and lawn care tools; then make a list of what you need to buy for the year. Don’t forget to include items like bags of fresh topsoil and grass seed. Those items, along with many other crucial supplies, are available through Kurtz Bros.

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