Seasonal Topsoil Tips: Preparing Your Lawn for Each Season

Jul 5, 2024 | Topsoil


Taking care of your lawn is key for a healthy, vibrant garden all year. The secret to thriving greenery? It’s in the topsoil you choose.

Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply knows how vital top-quality topsoil is. With 70+ years in the business, we offer the best. Whether you need topsoil for gardens or in bulk, count on us for great prices.

So, why is our topsoil great for your garden? It gives plants what they need for health and color. Let’s dive into why premium topsoil is so important and how to use it right with our handy seasonal tips.

Key Takeaways:

  • Topsoil plays a crucial role in the growth and vitality of your garden
  • Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply offers a wide range of topsoil options for all your gardening and landscaping needs
  • Premium topsoil provides key nutrients and organic matter that promote healthy plant growth
  • Understanding the different topsoil needs for each season can help you achieve optimal results
  • Stay tuned for our expert advice on how to prepare your lawn for each season and make the most of your topsoil

Winter Lawn Care Tips

During winter, taking care of your lawn is vital for the spring. Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply knows how key a lush lawn is all year. We’re sharing top-notch tips for winter lawn care to keep your grass healthy when it’s cold.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Winter lawn care means looking after your mower, too. Make sure its blades are sharp and oil is fresh before the cold sets in. This prep ensures your mower won’t harm your lawn and is ready to go in the spring.

Leveling the Lawn

An uneven lawn can cause water to collect and harm your grass. To stop puddling and aid drainage, even your lawn’s surface. A layer of topsoil without tearing up grass can do wonders. It boosts your lawn’s health and makes it smoother.

Preventing Standing Water

Standing water in winter can lead to root rot and other lawn problems. Apart from leveling, there are ways to avoid puddles. Make sure your lawn drains well by keeping it clear of leaves and other debris. Also, don’t water too much to prevent soggy spots.

Following these tips will ensure your lawn flourishes come spring. Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply has various topsoil choices to help level your lawn. Reach out for all your winter lawn care essentials.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is a great time to refresh your lawn. Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply offers the best tips for a beautiful and healthy lawn just in time for spring.

Clean Up Your Lawn

First, clean up your lawn. Remove any dead grass and debris from winter. This step lets your grass get air, sunlight, and nutrients to grow well.

Mow High for Healthy Growth

Set your mower to a high level for spring. Cutting the grass high helps it grow thick and healthy. Plus, it shades the soil to prevent weeds. Only cut about a third of the grass’s height at a time.

Fertilize for Nutrients

Fertilizer is key in the spring. Find one made for spring care to give your grass what it needs for strong growth. Follow the fertilizer’s instructions for the best results.

Weed Control

Dealing with weeds in spring is smart. Use a weed killer that’s safe for your grass. Make sure to read and follow the directions on the weed killer product.

Patching and Thickening

If there are bare spots, work on those next. You can use grass plugs or seeds to fill them in. Choose the right seed for your area and grass type.

Following these tips will help your lawn stay lush and green all season. Kurtz Bros Landscape Supply is always ready to help with advice and quality products for your lawn care.

Benefits of Top Dressing and How to Do It

Top dressing your lawn can make the soil better, infertile, and boost overall health. A thin layer of material, like compost or sand, on top can do wonders. It improves soil pH, evens low spots, and makes water flow better, making your lawn greener.

It also fights weeds, making your lawn look so good, your neighbors will be jealous.

Do top dressing in fall or spring when the grass is growing fast. You could use compost, sand, or a good topsoil mix. Make sure to mow the lawn, then water well after you top dress. This helps seeds grow and the material settle right.

Top dress once a year for a regular lawn care. But if your lawn isn’t doing so well, you might need to do it twice. For expert advice, talk to a lawn care pro. This will help your outdoor space look amazing and lively.


Why is topsoil important for gardening and landscaping?

Topsoil gives plants essential nutrients for growth. It also makes the soil structure better. This means it can hold water well.

What is the best time to top dress my lawn?

It’s best in fall or spring when the grass grows a lot. This is when your lawn needs the most help.

How often should I top dress my lawn?

Usually, once a year is good for your lawn. Yet, if you see trouble spots, twice a year might be needed.

Can I level my lawn by adding topsoil?

Yes. Adding topsoil helps flatten your lawn. It also makes your lawn keep water better. You can do this without taking out old grass.

What are the benefits of top dressing my lawn?

Top dressing your lawn boosts its health. It makes the soil better and helps your grass grow strong. This can also make your yard look nicer.

Is it necessary to mow my lawn before top dressing?

It’s a good idea to mow first. This helps the soil and seeds sit right after top dressing.

How do I choose the right topsoil for my garden?

Look for topsoil that’s full of nutrients. A garden pro or topsoil seller can help you find what your plants will love.

Can I use topsoil in pots and containers?

Yes, you can mix topsoil with other soils for potted plants. This mix gives plants what they need to grow well.

Why should I winterize my lawn mower?

Sharpening mower blades and changing oil keeps your mower ready. It helps the mower work well and last longer. Then, it’s set for spring mowing.

How can I prevent standing water on my lawn?

Adding topsoil to level your lawn can stop water from pooling. This helps prevent harm to your grass and soil.
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